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‘Love is Blind’ Star Lauren Speed Wants Brown Girls To Know THIS About Finding Your Soul Mate (Exclusive)

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TheYBF.com caught up with “Love Is Blind” stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton and - after binging this mostly foolywang material of a show - we love them even more. Find out the message Lauren has for brown girls about finding their soul mate and more inside…


SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched “Love Is Blind” yet, this post contains spoilers.

Is Love really Blind? Ask Mrs. Hamilton!

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton (above, spreading their love all over NYC while doing press) quickly became fan favorites on everyone’s newest Netflix obsession, “Love Is Blind.” And y'all, we had to suffer through A LOT of foolishness from their castmates to watch their love story blossom. Still recovering from Jessica and Amber and everyone in between.

The series picked a group of men and women, put them in a house and let them go on “blind dates” to see if anyone could find true love based on an emotional connection. That’s right, they couldn’t see each other while “dating.” They would go into these cozy pods and build connections with one another by conversing through a wall. They never saw each other. Before the time was up, they had to decide if they wanted to get engaged with someone they connected with and then they would walk down the aisle weeks later to say, “I Do.”

We were on hand to watch the Weddings (the final episodes) with the cast in Atlanta, so we got to ask the pressing questions we needed to know after damn near throwing our wine and phone at the TV every other episode.


Yup, The Hamiltons (adorbs!) are still living happily ever after.  And thank God at least one couple made sense on this show.



While most of the couples didn’t last, there were two couples who actually tied the knot: Lauren Speed married Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike married Matt Barnett (that last couple was and still is a DOOZY).

We can't lie, we were shocked to see Sex & Sephora Amber & Barnett tie the knot and still be together chile.

During the show, Lauren shared how Cameron was the first white man she had ever been with. Meanwhile, Cameron shared he was in a serious relationship for years with a black woman before Lauren, so he was well aware of the struggles an interracial couple would face.

On the show, Lauren said she wanted to be as authentic as possible – even down to her wearing her bonnet in the bed with him at night – because she really wanted to see if this “experiment” would work.


Well, it did for her (also because she's a WHOLE catch, and so is he). And now she’s dropping gems, specifically to brown girls like her, about finding your soul mate.


YBF correspondent Erena caught up with Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton during the series finale screening in Atlanta and here’s what she told us:

Take notes ladies.

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Right before this experience, I was just at the point where I had given up on the fairytale. Feeling like we sell little girls these dreams of a Prince Charming that doesn’t really exist. Clearly God had the last laugh. I was open minded entering this experience honestly never expecting to fall in love and become the happiest I’ve ever been all while being recorded for the world to see. When I said Cameron looked like a Prince I meant it... he to me embodied everything I had dreamed of in my fairytale... Kind, smart, loving, selfless, brave could make me laugh and cry all in one conversation... but most importantly made me feel valued and loved. Of course like anything in life we are humans and not without struggle. But as you mature you learn that the struggles are what strengthen you and help you realize what needs more care. Im excited to continue this next chapter with you Mr. Hamilton. Us against the world. Bonnie and Clyde (minus the shoot up) #LoveIsBlind currently streaming on @Netflix @lajoyphotographyllc

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By the way, the Hamiltons have a YouTube Page coming down the pipeline soon:

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Ummmm so we did a thing! @cameronreidhamilton and @need4lspeed got with me to take some amazing photos for their brand new YouTube Page! Yes you heard me right! They have a new YouTube page all about them! Subscribe to their new page and my page for updated videos and photos! Full video link in bio! . . Link in bio for the full video! . . . Photo: @lajoyphotographyllc Video: @iamteko Graphics: @thechloebrand . . . #lajoyphotography #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #laurenandcameron #atlphotographer #lifestylephotographer #lifestylephotoshoot #atlentrepreneurs #youtubers #girlceo #photography #netflix #weddingphotography #weddinginspiration #americascouple #laurenandcameron

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"Love Is Blind" star Carlton Morton was also in the mix. He became a breakout star of the show after he waited until AFTER he proposed to Diamond to tell her he was a bisexual man. The timing was extrmeely off and his excuses about why he waited to tell the woman he claimed to wanted to spend his life with were, to put it mildly, trash. THEN, he had the audacity to demean and degrade her as she was explaining to him why she was upset that he waited to reveal something that's a huge part of who he is and being her potential partner. Needless to say, she dipped on his a** - while quoting Beyonce's "Don't Hurt Yourself" - and never looked back.

Now, he claims he's no longer doing press because no one has been supporting him:



During the screening, TheYBF.com also spoke with married couple Amber & Barnett and how they felt right before the wedding - especially when Amber thought Barnett didn't want to marry her. Formerly engaged couple Damian Powers & Giannina Gibelli (he called it off at the alter!) were also in attendance and they shared how they're moving forward.

Peep all the clips below:

The Internet is ALL IN for the show and has been reacting to scenes from the episodes on social media.  And by reacting, we mean gagging.  Below are some reactions: 


The "Love Is Blind" reunion begins streaming on Netflix this Thursday, March 5th. Catch the spicy sneak peek below: 


*Pours wine in preparation*

Photos: Splash/Getty Images for Netflix

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