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Omarion Inks Deal With Zeus Network To Stream ‘The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2K,’ But Will His Bandmates Get Paid?

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Omarion is after the bag after inking a deal with Zeus Network to stream “The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2K.” But, will his bandmates get some bread from it? Also, he recently opened up about his kids’ mom Apyrl Jones and bandmate Fizz’s (former?) relationship. Everything inside…


Omarion is all about his coin, honey.

The B2K frontman has reportedly partnered up with Zeus Network to release "The Millennium Tour Live Concert featuring B2K,” as well as other original and existing content for the network. Zeus is the same network that airs Blac Chyna & Joseline Hernandez's reality shows.

According to Variety, "The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2K" is the first of several existing projects from Omarion that will stream on the subscription-based video streaming service. After the group broke up in 2004, they reunited in 2019 for “The Millennium Tour” and it was hella successful. They guys raked in over $28 million!

“We are excited to work with Omarion to bring original content, music and entertainment to Zeus,” said Lemuel Plummer, president and CEO of the SVOD network created by millennials for millennials. “Zeus is a pop-culture platform that continues to push the envelope to bring the best in entertainment to our audience. By working with creators like Omarion we are able to give our viewers relevant programming that keeps them coming back for more.”

So, if you didn’t get to see all the members of B2K perform on stage together, you’ll get a chance to check it out from your mobile device or television. Where you will NOT see all members perform together is during the upcoming “Millennium Tour 2020" because O didn't include his bandmates in this one. Bloop.


So, we’re wondering – since Omarion made the deal with Zeus to release the concert with all four members, do the rest of B2K get a piece of the pie or nah? Makes you wonder…

Oh, and Maybach O recently sat down with Big Boy’s Neighborhood where he addressed his feelings towards his kid’s mom Apryl Jones’ former relationship with his bandmate Fizz. Basically, he said just because he doesn’t react to the BS, doesn’t mean things aren’t getting done.

Check it:

"The Millennium Tour 2020" kicks off February 29th in Louisville, KY with Bow Wow, Ashanti, Ying Yang Twins, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd and Soulja Boy.

Photo: AlstonMediaGroup/Shutterstock.com

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