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Azriel Clary Says Singer ‘Blackmails’ People Into Making Child Porn, Details Alleged Horrific Sexual & Physical Abuse + Kelly’s Attorney Says She’s Clout Chasing

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Azriel Clary has freed herself from R. Kelly and now ... she’s talking...with bombshell accusations. Her allegations are in line with what the other women who stepped up before her are saying. However, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg claims she’s only speaking out for clout. More inside….

R. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary, is speaking out for the first time after she left his Trump Tower condo in Chicago earlier this month. And she left with a bang. Azriel got into a brawl with Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, and it was caught on video, resulting in Joycelyn being arrested and charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. By the way, they were fighting on camera on the singer’s 52nd birthday. Womp. You can see the fight and her mugshot HERE. 



Since leaving Kelly, Azriel has reunited with her family and is seemingly working to get her life back on track. She has her own place now and she said she has been enjoying regular things like dancing again as it has been therapeutic for her.

In her first post-R.Kelly interview, the 22-year-old accused the embattled singer of blackmailing and incriminating people around him to keep them quiet about his own alleged sex crimes. And this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this. Several women featured in the LIFETIME documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” said the same thing.

Azriel – who met Kelly when she was 17- said he has victims all over the nation, but they will not come forward because he forced some into making child porn and recorded it to keep them quiet. Or, he’ll have them write what he wants and sign it to keep them quiet.

“I think that there's hundreds of victims out there. Robert has his live-in girlfriends, he has girlfriends in every city. He has flings in every city," she told The Sun. “There's usually three main cities in every state. So three times 50 - that lets you know how many women are probably out there and that's probably not even hitting it on the nail."

”For the most part he blackmails everyone. He makes everyone do very degrading stuff, whether on film or writing it down, he makes them sign it.

The aspiring singer said these victims will not speak out because whatever sick and twisted act Kelly allegedly made them do to be apart of his circle is incriminating. She said he has “letters of people saying that they've stolen from him.”

“He has letters from people saying that they've been molested or touched by their parents or their brothers or a family member,” she said.

And the allegations get horribly worse

“He even has people on film molesting their younger nieces or younger brothers,” she said.

“And so I know a lot of women out there are too embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed to come out because this man had that much power to control them, to make them molest their younger niece or to molest their younger brother.

“Personally had I ever done anything like that, I would be entirely too ashamed to come forward. Thankfully, I've never been in that situation. But have I seen it done to other women? Yes, I have.”




Azriel also shared details about how R. Kelly savagely beat her with his shoe for hours, how he forced her to have group sex with him and other men and women up to five times a day, and more. Check it:

“I was talking to my friends from high school and he didn't like that I was still talking to them … he thought that I was keeping things from him," she said. “I was just in communication with two of my girlfriends and he made me text them a very long lie, basically saying why I no longer wanted to be friends with them.. Then he beat me with a shoe - a size 12, Nike Air Force One shoe. And he beat me all over, it felt like hours and I was covered in welts all the way from my neck down."

She now admits she was brainwashed by the Grammy award winning singe:

“I definitely do believe that I was very naive and very brainwashed and manipulated by him,” she said. And as much as I hate to say it I'm woman enough and I'm grown enough to admit that yes, I was brainwashed and yes, I was manipulated. And yes, this man did have me wrapped around his finger. If he would have told me to jump, I would have said, ‘how high?’ It was all in because I just genuinely just loved him and I love hard.”

"Sexual abuse did happen regularly," Azriel said. "Robert had a high sex drive so usually 3 to 5 times a day was normal for him. It was always just something that happened, and if you did not want to participate, if you embarrassed him in front of other women, or even just did not perform well he would tell you to leave or wait in the restroom with the water on until he was finished."

"It was easier pleasing him then getting beat every other day...and everyone learned that very quickly."

Azriel said he controlled every aspect of her and the other girls' lives and would also get them to recruit other girls for him.

“Definitely you could not do anything without him knowing." she said. "You have to ask him if you could go to the restroom, you would have to knock anytime you entered it or left a room,” she said. "He controlled you to what you wore. Anything that was tight, hugging, revealing, was not allowed. You had to wear very loose clothing. The fact that I looked so young, I had to wear hats every time I left to go out.

“Every night every one had to ‘take places’ which meant go to your rooms. I would sleep with Robert every night."

Azriel was his “number one girl” and he promoised to one day marry her and have children with her.

“I’ve seen him ask women to go approach other girls for him and give them his number - like at the mall and things like that," she said. "It could be anywhere really, you could be out eating, at a park, in the middle of driving - if he sees someone that he likes, he’ll definitely send a girl that he feels confident in doing those types of things for him."

The R&B singer even controlled Azriel and Joycelyn after he was put in prison last year:

“MCC is on the left side of the street and there's a train that runs straight in front of the MCC in Chicago,” she said. "So everyday he would make us go up there and stand up there and wave to him at four o’clock through the window of the jail. Every day, whether it's snowing, raining, storming, he didn't care, just go up there and wave to him every day at four o'clock."

“I was the only one that he wanted to visit him in jail. So for those first four or five months, I was the only one visiting him, which was very hard on Joycelyn and it was still a way of manipulation, by keeping her angry at me because I'm the only one that can see him."


You can read more here.

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg said in a series of tweets that the allegations Azriel has made against Kelly are untrue and she’s only speaking out to “capitalize off their relationship.”



”We are surprised to learn that Ms. Clary is making these allegations. What she now says is directly contrary to truth, and the facts that have been brought forward by Ms. Clary in the past. It is also directly contrary to what we expect to be the proof,” he tweeted.



”As with other ‘accusers,’ the lack of proof and their past actions impeach them. In sum, Ms. Clary had a long-term consensual relationship with Mr. Kelly. It continued after he was arrested, when she was free to do as she wished.”



”It is clear that she now seeks to personally capitalize from their relationship, and the only way to do so is to parrot the false narrative. The allegations are not true. Still, Mr. Kelly bears only good will towards Ms. Clary,” he concluded.

Joycelyn is still reportedly staying by her man's side. Her family was able to talk to her when she appeared in court for a hearing for the misdemeanor charge she copped. They're staying positive that she'll eventually return home.

R. Kelly is currently in prison on a rack of federal and state charges, which include child pornography, racketeering, violations of the Mann Act, obstruction of justice, bribery and more.

According to The Blast, Kelly has a hearing coming up on Feb. 6th and they are demanding he show up in court after he put in a request to skip a hearing.

The site reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly’s lawyer wrote a letter to the judge presiding over the singer’s New York criminal case. A hearing is scheduled for February 6, where Kelly was expected to appear. The singer’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, put in a request for Kelly to waive his appearance aka not show up. Greenberg said he would not be able to personally appear nor would one of Kelly’s other lawyers.

Prosecutors quickly fired back at the request saying Kelly needs to be present. They write, “In light of the upcoming trial date and the serious nature of the charges that the defendant faces, the government respectfully requests that, absent a compelling reason, the defendant appear by video conference at the conference scheduled for February 6, 2020.”

A judge denied his motion seeking to have the identities of two of his alleged victims labeled as “Jane Does” in the criminal indictment.


We'll see what goes down next Thursday...

Photos: Azriel's IG

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