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WATCH! Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj & Her Husband Get Into HEATED Argument After Run-In Inside Hollywood Luxury Store

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What in the pre-Grammy hell? Exes Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj ran into each other in Hollywood yesterday and it resulted in Nicki's husband Kenneth Petty and the Championships rapper getting into a heated argument inside a high-end store. And it was caught on camera. Check it out inside…

Celebs are all over L.A. on the pre-Grammy scene ahead of the ceremony on Sunday. So, folks are bound to run into each other with all the events going down in the city.

It was the case of the dreaded ex for Nicki Minaj when she ran into her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill while shopping it up with her husband Kenneth Petty at high-end clothing store Maxfield in West Hollywood. A whole shouting match ensued inside the store and it was caught on camera.

No deets (yet) on what started the heated argument, but you can hear Nicki, Meek and Kenneth all popping off at the mouth. If you squinch hard enough, you can see the Philly rapper being held back as Nicki and Kenneth talk their ish.

You can hear Nicki call Meek a “b*tch" at one point. Then, Meek says, “You can’t talk to me one-on-one” and Kenneth responds “I know because you p*ssy” and Meek responds, “You p*ssy n*gga!”

Check it:

In case you can’t see the video above, here it is again below:



A rapper named Retch posted pictures of Nicki and Meek separately after running into them yesterday:

In a video, Retch explained what went down before the argument. First, he ran into Meek, they chopped it up, and then snapped a pic. Next thing you know, he said Meek and Kenneth ran into each other and got into an argument. Retch said by default, he was on Meek's side.

"Off rip, we was going to shoot Nicki Minaj's boyfriend. We was gone shoot 'em," he said in an IG Live. "We was gone shoot 'em in cold blood. We was gone kill him right at the store."

After the argument defused, Meek left and Retch claims Nicki ran up on him while he was purchasing his items. He said Nicki was popping off on him at first and he was arguing back with her until he realized it was the QUEEN rapper. Once Nicki and Kenneth realized Retch wasn't part of Meek's crew, he said Nicki felt "bad" and decided to snap a picture with him. This is his story...and he's sticking to it.

Check it:

He also hopped on Twitter and tweeted about it (before deleting):



What a mess!

We wonder who's going to go to social media first with their side of the story. As of now, neither Meek nor Nicki have addressed the drama. 

Photos: Nicki's IG/@retch


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