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Porsha Says She’s ‘Done’ With The ‘Clown’ Ish & She’s About To ‘Tell It All’! - Is She Coming For Dennis (Again)?

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Porsha Williams is fed up with clown sh*t and she’s posting cryptic messages on social media. Folks can’t help but to think her fiancé Dennis McKinley could be the cause. See her posts and decide inside…


Just a few weeks ago after NEW rumors of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams' fiancé Dennis McKinley cheating surfaced, she told us she wasn't letting anything stop her happy in 2020:


By the way, she turned the comments off on that post.

Well, something has happened, and Porsha claims she’s done done. With what exactly? She didn’t specify. However, her cryptic Instagram messages could possibly be aimed at her daughter’s father and fiancé. First, she shared two pictures of herself with the caption, “’Sorry ASS’ [clown emoji] Done. #Unbreakable #2020Vision.”

You’ll notice, she cropped her engagement ring in the flicks. However, she posted up more pictures with her new bestie/"Real Houswives of Atlanta" co-star Tanya while they were shooting the "RHOA After Show" and you can see the ring:


The Hot Dog Queen also hopped on IG Stories with more cryptic messages. In a series of posts, she wrote "About to tell it all!," "Done," and she also posted a clown emoji. Check it:

What's tea, sis?

A big storyline for Porsha this season has been about Dennis coming clean about cheating on Porsha while she was pregnant with their daughter Pilar Jhena. They did therapy together to work through their issues and Dennis sat down with Porsha's mom and sister to issue what seemed like a genuine apologly. Dennis' mom was also in the mix. After their emotional sitdown, Porsha said she was ready to try and work on "saving their family," but these new cheating rumors may have put on a halt on that. 

As for those new cheating rumors...

A source told RadarOnline Dennis was allegedly spotted with four women at Atlanta's Majestic diner around 4AM on Saturday, January 4th.

“He came in with four beautiful women. Porsha was not with him. Dennis was the only man in the group and all of the women were flirting with him.

The source claimed there was a woman wearing black who was resting her head on his shoulder.

“The girl in black had her head on his shoulder. It was like he was on a date with all of them.”

It’s alleged Dennis met one of the women after he “slid in her DMs." Hmph.

“They all left in a black Escalade. There was a driver, Dennis wasn’t driving.”

There are picture receipts from the outing as well, which you can check out here.

Afterwards, Dennis hopped on IG Stories and posted, "I can't eat?"

Well you can, but not with four women at wee hours in the morning when you're supposedly trying to "save your family" after admitting to cheating on your pregnant fianceé.

Last Sunday, Porsha appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Tanya and she was asked if she trusts Dennis.

“You know we're working on our relationship," Porsha said. 

"Do you trust him?," host Andy Cohen asked.

"Huh?" she responded.

She then asked viewers to pray for them.

"I don’t know. It's the blogs, you know, he was out. I don’t know," she said. "Can y’all just continue to comment and speculate, and let me just figure out my life? I’m figuring out my life.”

When asked if they had words with Dennis about the new cheating allegations, she responded, "Umm...I'm figuring it out."


It was seemingly all good a few days ago...at least from Dennis' point of view: 

Do you think Dennis cheated again, or nah?



After Wendy Williams broke "news" on her daytime talk show that "RHOA" star Nene Leakes was quitting the show (again) and had some big secret, Nene got on camera for her YouTube series to share her side of the story. You'll recall, after Wendy shared the text Nene sent her, the reality star's rep issued a statement saying Nene was just "venting" to Wendy and that she had no plans on quitting "RHOA." Also, Nene hopped on Twitter and Instagram to respond to Wendy's messy antics. In case you missed, check it out HERE.

"The most I can say - or even want to say is - Wendy and I are friends. I have vented to her on many occasions. That particular day I did not vent to her, I just sent her one text and she went out on the couch and started talking."

She said she thinks personal, private conversations "should stay private" and anybody should be able to vent to a friend without that person telling the world. 

"I was not a cool thing," she shared while looking sad. "She & I have since talked about it. We talked about it, we texted about it. I just want to move on from it. Hopefully that is behind me. I just want to move on. When stuff like that happens, it really hurts because it's like, you don't know if you can trust anybody."

Check it at the 5-minute mark above.


Photos: Porsha's IG

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