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Nick Cannon Serves A 'Teachable Moment' After Orlando Brown’s Wild Accusations Claiming Nick Gave Him Oral Sex 'As A Female'

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Nick Cannon is responding to Orlando Brown after he hopped on social media and made some insane accusations about oral sex. Find out what was said and Nick's "teachable moment" inside...


Troubled actor Orlando Brown has been “wildin’ out” over the years and he’s seemingly still up to his antics.

This time, he hopped on social media with bizarre claims about Nick Cannon. In a video he uploaded, the former “That’s So Raven” star made claims that the “Wildin’ Out” honcho performed oral sex on him "as a female". In the clip, he said:

"You want me to tell everybody? You want me to let everybody know what happened? Nick, I let you suck my d*ck. Okay? Fine, I said it. I let Nick suck my d*ck. And I liked it, it was okay. Nick, you sucked my d*ck. But everybody knows you did it as a female. Nick you sucked my dick. I didn’t want to say that. Mush mouth muthaf*cka. You don’t want me on ‘Wildin’ Out.’ Everybody in the world going to be like ‘Nick been sucking d*ck.’"

Watch the clip below:



When Nick first saw the clip, he thought it was a joke.

"When I first saw this I thought it was f*cking hilarious!!!!," he wrote on Instagram.

Nick then realized he could use this as a "teachable moment" to show people how we should be reaching out to help Orlando verses laughing at him.

First, he gave Orlando props on his acting skills:

"But then after putting a little cognitive effort and analytical thought to the situation, I figured what a great opportunity for a “teachable moment”! First off let me say I am praying for the young brother Orlando even though I don’t really know him personally, I have always loved and enjoyed his talent and have been a fan of his past work. He was fucking brilliant in Major Payne, and had us all laughing on 'Thats So Raven.'"

Then he got serious about getting Orlando some help:

"But this is another crucial example of when we allow our young artists to be prematurely exposed by this demonic business and left out to fend for themselves. We need better support systems for our youth and take care of our own. I watched various of this young brothers videos and all I see is a cry out for help. So I don’t know if there are any real leaders or solid individuals in this young man’s life but let’s embrace him and tighten him up so he doesn’t become another lost victim to these hollywood circumstances. I indeed believe this brother has the God given talent to be on Wildnout but this definitely ain’t the way to audition, this actually hurts my heart to see that we have allowed Orlando, along with various other young gifted performers we grew up loving, to just dwindle away after these corporations made their billions off of them. Now due to substance abuse and diagnosed psychiatric disorders our loved ones are now aimlessly begging for the attention they were once given , instead of the help they actually need. All while we sit back and just laugh..."

The "Masked Singer" host then blamed the media for using stories like this for click bait:

"The most irresponsible parties involved in all of this is our media, specifically the “culturally conscious”. For us to continue to post slander and tear one another down for click bait to make these white supremacy propagated platforms more money is asinine and deplorable. These cannibalistic tactics only destroy “Us”. Really, in post like this, who wins??? We might chuckle, joke, pass the gossip on through our low frequency vibrations but does it truly make you feel good??? Especially knowing that there are higher powers looking down at you. So I hold @iheartradio @complex @worldstar accountable!," he wrote.

Check it:

Comedian/actor Marlon Wayans hopped in Nick's comments and said this: 


If you've been keeping up with the former Disney star, then you know he has had his fair share of troubles.

In 2018, he was arrested in his underwear by bounty hunters for an outstanding warrant:

In another bizarre interview with VLAD TV, Orlando talked about his alleged sexual relationship with his former co-star Raven Symone and made some disturbing comments about her body parts:

Orlando also appeared on "Dr. Phil" after his friends made claims that he was homeless, addicted to drugs and struggling with mental illness. He clearly appeared to be under the influence. Check it:

In 2016, Orlando was arrested for domestic battery and drug possession. It's reported he got into argument with his girlfriend in the parking lot of a police station in Torrance, CA. An eyewitness, who was using a nearby ATM machine, saw the altercation and called the police for help.

Once law enforcement arrived on the scene, Orlando allegedly refused to get out of his car. He was eventually coerced out of the vehicle where cops arrested him. At the jail, they did a search and allegedly found methamphetamine on him. It was also reported his girlfriend was not harmed. Orlando was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and obstruction of justice. He was also hit with two felonies, drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail.


Sad seeing this man spiral out of control like this. We hope he gets the help he needs because it does seem to be screaming out for help.

Photos: Featureflash Photo Agency/ Ga Fullner/Shuttershock.com/TMZ

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