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SIS IS A ROLLING STONE: Lizzo Is Unbothered About Selling Sexy – Just Like Skinner Artists Do – And People Hate To See It

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Lizzo goes nearly nude in Rolling Stone’s newest magazine issue and folks hate to see it! See the singer/rapper take body positivity on the global scale inside…


Hate it or love it, it’s Lizzo’s time to shine.

The “Truth Hurts” singer graces the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine oozing body positivity and confidence.

Inside, the 31-year-singer/classically trained flutist – who leads the pack with eight Grammy nominations - strips down to a nude bodysuit, showing off the curves she’s been blessed with. And folks hate to see it, which is evident in Rolling Stone’s Instagram comments. Trolls have been posting disrespectful, body shaming comments, but chick is unbothered by it all. She’s helping to elevate body positivity and it’s refreshing to see.

While she has been praised for being fearless when it comes to showing off her body, she wants the world to know there’s much more to her than her curves.

“I’m so much more than that. Because I actually present that, I have a whole career,” she said. “It’s not a trend.”


In her cover story, the “Good As Hell” singer – whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, opened up about making music for people who look like her unapologetically.

“As a black woman, I make music for people, from an experience that is from a black woman,” she explained. “I’m making music that hopefully makes other people feel good and helps me discover self-love. That message I want to go directly to black women, big black women, black trans women. Period.”

A word.


Before his untimely death, Lizzo got the ultimate musical co-sign from icon Prince: He offered to produce an album for the singer.

In Minneapolis, Lizzo was rapping again, and at the time was one of the few black women in the city doing so. She and Eris soon formed the Chalice, another Destiny’s Child-inspired girl group. The group became local celebrities. Then they got the ultimate co-sign for any Minneapolis musician: Prince was a fan. In 2014, Lizzo and Eris appeared on Plectrumelectrum, an album by Prince and his backing band 3rdeyegirl, singing on “Boytrouble.” Prince invited them back to perform at Paisley Park; later, His Royal Badness even played a solo piano show for them and a few others. Before he died, he offered to produce an album for Lizzo.



For Lizzo, this kind of respect was life-changing. “I used to be so upset that I never had co-signs,” she told Rolling Stone in 2018. “I was like, ‘I’m too weird for the rappers and too black for the indies.’ I was just sitting in this league of my own. To be embraced by Prince and co-signed, I am eternally grateful for that.”




The online haters almost got to her when she decided she would quit using social media because it generated “negativity” towards everyone. But then she realized, she's "100% that b*tch."

“Look, I’m new. You put two plates of food in front of people, [and] one is some fried chicken. If you like fried chicken that’s great. And the other is, like, fried ostrich pussy. You not gonna want to f*ck with that. We eventually get used to everything, so people just gon’ have to get used to my ass.”



Obviously, folks will just have to deal because she doesn't have any plans of going anywhere anytime soon.

You can read her full Rolling Stone piece here.

Leading up the Gramys...

The "Juice" singer sat down with "CBS This Morning" co-anchor Gayle King to share her journey from "band nerd" to Grammy nominated artist. Peep the interview above.

By the way...



Beyonce made sure to lace the Body Positivity Queen with some Ivy Park x Adidas collection.


Photo: Ben Houdijk/Shuttershock.com


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