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[UPDATE] Are The Grammys RIGGED?! Ousted Grammy CEO Deborah Dugan Says There’s A Racist & Sexist ‘Boy’s Club’ That Runs The Show

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Ousted Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan is spilling tea, alleging that there is a “boy’s club” that rigs the Grammys every year. And she also claims they ignored sexual harassment and supposed rape allegations against its former president. Get the deets inside…



Former Academy CEO Neil Portnow has responded to rape and other allegations made against him in Deborah Dugan's Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) complaint she filed against the organization. In short, he called the accusations "ludicrous and untrue."

He issued a statement to Billboard that reads:

"This document is filled with inaccurate, false and outrageous and terribly hurtful claims against me. Here is what is true:

The allegations of rape are ludicrous, and untrue. The suggestion that there was is disseminating a lie. The baseless complaint about my conduct referenced in the EEOC filing was immediately brought to the attention of the Board of Director’s Executive Committee. An in-depth independent investigation by experienced and highly regarded lawyers was conducted and I was completely exonerated. There was no basis for the allegations and once again I deny them unequivocally.

I fulfilled the terms and responsibilities of my contract during my 17 years as President and ultimately Chief Executive Officer. Consistent with my pledge to ensure that there would be the appropriate amount of time for the Academy to organize and execute an efficient and transparent transition, I determined far in advance of the Grammy telecast in 2018 that I would not seek a further extension of my contract scheduled to end July 31, 2019. I informed the then Board Chair and Executive Committee of my decision. At no time did I ever demand a $750,000 consulting fee.

After making the ‘step up’ comment during the 2018 telecast, for which I have apologized and deeply regret the offense caused, and understanding the power of listening and lessons learned, I took action. I proposed, and the Academy created an independent Task Force to review the state of diversity & inclusion across the organization. After presenting the Task Force plan and proposed study of the organization to the board, the group was created to implement change. Task Force Chair Tina Tchen made a presentation to the full Board during a May 2019 meeting.

The repetition of these falsehoods against me, and others referenced within the EEOC filing are a diversionary tactic and will not convert them to truth. I will vigorously defend all false claims made against me in this document.

I would like to wish all the 2020 nominees and those in our creative community well and sincerely hope that they will celebrate their art and accomplishments this weekend at the Grammy Awards telecast and during the many Grammy Week events ahead."


What’s REALLY good with the Grammys?

After Grammy chief Deborah Dugan (the first female head of the National Academy of Recording Arts) was removed as CEO ten days before this year’s ceremony, she filed a gender discrimination complaint alleging there’s a “boy’s club” that rigs the awards show and protects sexual predators. Oh? She believes she was removed as retaliation for uncovering misconduct, including sexual harassment.

Deborah – who was placed on academic leave by the Recording Academy earlier this month - filed the gender discrimination and sexual harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that the voting process is "illustrative of the boys' club mentality that exists at the Academy and amongst its Board members." She said the Recording Academy allows certain artists to sit on “secret committees” and vote on their OWN nominations.

ABC News reports:

"To make matters worse, the Board is permitted to simply add in artists for nominations who did not even make the initial 20-artist list. Naturally, the members of the 12 Board and the secret committees chose artists with whom they have personal or business relationships," the complaint reads. "This year, 30 artists that were not selected by the membership were added to the possible nomination list."

"Moreover, in an outrageous conflict of interest, the Board has selected artists who are under consideration for a nomination to sit on the committee that is voting for the category for which that have been nominated. As a result, one artist who initially ranked 18 out of 20 in the 2019 'Song of the Year' category ended up with a nomination," it continues. "This artist was actually permitted to sit on the 'Song of the Year' nomination committee. Incredibly, this artist is also represented by a member of the Board."

Are you surprised by this? If true, we now know why artists who should have been nominated for awards were never recognized.

Not only that, she claims she was sexually harassed by the academy’s outside lawyer shortly after accepting the CEO position last year.

According to Billboard, the academy said Deborah’s exit was due to her “hostile treatment of a female executive assistant." They claim she asked the group for $22 million to “leave quietly,” but they didn’t accept and now she’s talking.

Deborah also made claims that she was never informed by the academy’s board about her predecessor, Neil Portnow, being accused of RAPE before she accepted the position. She believes that's the real reason his contract was not renewed. Additionally, Deborah also alleges before she officially assumed her new post, then-Recording Academy board chair John Poppo asked her to sign off on $750,000 consulting deal for Neil after he stepped down in July 2019.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Dugan said she was informed by the academy’s board after she was hired “that a foreign recording artist and member of the Academy had accused Mr. Portnow of raping her following a performance that she gave at Carnegie Hall."

She also claimed that the academy’s outside counsel took her to dinner shortly after she was hired, where he allegedly complimented her appearance and tried to kiss her. The attorney called Dugan “baby,” attempted to “woo” her, and suggested that they “spend time together ... traveling to [his] many homes,” according to Dugan’s complaint.

You can read the full complaint here.

Deborah is blasting the Recording Academy days before the 2020 Grammy Awards are set to go down this Sunday. Do you think they'll address the drama in some way during the show? What are your thoughts on the former CEO's allegations? Share your opinions in the comments!



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