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TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL: An OG Academy Member Claims J.Lo Got Snubbed Because Her ‘Hustlers’ Performance Was Overrated

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A longtime Academy Award member explains why Jennifer Lopez was snubbed for a nomination and she served up it up straight talk, no chaser. Peep the savagetry inside…

WHen the Oscar noms came out reently, the internet was big mad.  NOt just because they're looking white AF (again), but because Jennifer Lopez didn't get a nomination at all.  Apparently, all that Oscar buzz didn't turn into an Oscar nom.

One thing is for sure: When you reach a certain age, you have NO problem telling folks how you really feel. Even if they are a celebrity of status such as Jennifer Lopez.

Before HUSTLERS even hit the box office, there was Oscar buzz surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s role as Ramona Vega, a veteran stripper who rounded up a crew of her co-wrokers to con rich male patrons out thousands of dollars outside of just getting naked and dancing.

However, the Academy wasn’t impressed. The 50-year-old was snubbed for a nomination at this year’s Oscars and now we know why.

91-year-old acting legend Terry Moore, who was nominated in 1952 for a best supporting actress award for Come Back, Little Sheba,’ was one of the members who didn’t care for J. Lo’s performance and she explains exactly why. Basically, it just wasn’t Oscar worthy.

“I would have been shocked if she did get it,” Terry, a longtime member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Services who votes on Oscar nominees, told The NY Post.

And she wasn’t the only one.

“First of all, ‘Hustlers’ is not an ‘Oscar movie.’ It’s a little too rough around the edges, and I’m assuming some other people in the acting category didn’t see it,” said a longtime character actor and Academy member. “Florence Pugh seems to have gotten the J.Lo spot — maybe because ‘Little Women’ is a prestige movie and she’s a bright, new star.

HUSTLERS wasn’t horribly bad, but it def wasn’t Oscar material – at least – not to Hollywood.

“Actors tend to think of Jennifer Lopez as a phenomenon more than an actress, per se. [It’s like last year, when] Lady Gaga lost the Oscar to Olivia Colman — a real actor’s actor,” the unnamed character actor and Academy member said.


Eddie Murphy was also snubbed for his role in Netflix’s Dolemite Is My Name. Apparently, voters didn’t like how Eddie went super hard on the promo trail, especially when he returned to “Saturday Night Live,” a show he had seemingly ignored for 35 years. They felt he was trying too hard, basically.   Now, we do believe voters should cast their votes on the actual performance and not what they do following the performance. but Eddie is CERTAINLY not the first or last actor who plays the game when award season comes.  And other actors have definitely been rewarded for doing so.  So is the game only for certain actors?

Terry said she “didn’t like his attempt for it,” so here we are.

What are your thoughts about the Oscars snubbing J.Lo and Eddie Murphy? Did the voting members have good reasons, or nah?

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