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TEA SPILLAGE: Treach Claims Pepa Cheated On Him – With (Another) Woman – And That’s The REAL Reason They Divorced!

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Naughty By Nature’s Treach spills some throwback tea about his divorce from Pepa and we’re shook. Get the deets inside…

Hip Hop Royalty stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” and dropped some piping hot tea.

Naughty By Nature’s Treach and his daughter/”Growing Up Hip Hop” star Egypt Criss sat down to chop it up with the radio hosts about their lives – past & present. Egypt is engaged to be married, so she’s bubbling with joy about the next chapter in her life.



Meanwhile, her pops just dropped a bombshell about his marriage and divorce from her mother, Salt-N-Pepa rapper Sandra “Pepa” Denton. They were together for 10 years, but their marriage only lasted a year. The reason? Well, Treach claims it was an open relationship gone wrong. Come again?

The "O.P.P." rapper said he and Pepa had a beautiful one year-marriage, however, things took a turn for the worse when they added other people in the mix. Apparently, Treach & Pepa had a girlfriend.

”The real story about us – Treach & Pepa? First of all, what’s the number one cause for divorce?,” Treach asked.

”Cheating,” DJ Envy & Charlamagne responded.

”For record, I never had to cheat on her,” Treach explained. “We had broads. I had a beautiful marriage.”

So what happened?

”When the girlfriend goes with the wife and then have their own [inaudible],” he said.

He alluded to Pepa and their girlfriend going off to have threesomes with other people and he wasn’t with that. OH?!

”So, you got jealous?,” Angela Yee asked.

"Naw, I just got cheated on. I didn’t have to [cheat]. I’m a man with two women,” Treach said.

Mind you, he’s saying all of this in front of his daughter and this is the FIRST time she's hearing about this. Lordt!

”No, I did not. You see my face?,” Egypt said when asked if she heard this story before.

Pepa released a memoir where she detailed how Treach used to abuse her, but the rapper claims the stories she told in her book were NOT true.

”When I met Pepa she was bald from all the [hair] dye and it was a wig on top,” Treach said. In the book, Pepa claims he dragged her by her hair during a physical fight.

“It’s certain things that go on when you look at facts, like when did this happen? Tell the real story. I wasn’t no angel, I was straight off the streets, but tell the real story it’s so much better than a ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ story. When did this happen? Why was there never a police report? Why didn’t you ever go to the hospital if you almost died?”

In Pepa’s defense, she told Treach she didn’t proofread the final version of the book and claims things were added to make it juicier. Egypt defended that as well.

Check it:

Treach also explained why he won’t approve his character in Salt-N-Pepa’s upcoming LIFETIME biopic. He said they sent him the script and the way his character is written isn’t anything like what happened back in the day.

”The character they put me out to be is like a weak, savage, demonic abuser, which it wasn’t happening like that,” he said. "I'd rather not be in the movie at all if it's not actual, factual."

“We have a love-hate relationship. We good, it’s just certain things that come up from her book. And now there’s going to be a Salt-N-Pepa movie. I’m looking at the character they got for me and they want release it, but it never happened. ‘What’s Love Gotta Do With It’ was a good movie, but it wasn’t our story.”

Egypt backed her dad up when it came to the abuse claims. She said she’s never seen her father and mother argue in front of her. She feels like if he was an abuser, he would likely abuse her and her siblings, but “I never got a whooping in my life,” she shared.

Peep the full interview where the daddy-daughter talked about the backlash Egypt & her fiancé received when fans found out he got her engagement ring from a pawn shop, if she'll get married on the show, why Treach didn’t do “Love & Hip Hop” but ended up on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Treach's "beef" with Wendy Williams, his current relationship with his Naughty By Nature family, his new marriage and more.

Photo: The Breakfast Club


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