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Antonio Brown Throws A ‘Bag Of D--ks’ At Kids’ Mother, Curses Cops Out In Front Of Kids + Judge Orders Them To Mediation In Eviction Case

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Antonio Brown is out here being…Antonio Brown. And it’s quite disturbing. See the shocking video of the NFL player throwing a bag of candy shaped like “dicks" at his kids' mother Chelsie, curse the police out in front of his kids, and what the judge has ordered inside…

Antonio Brown - who still hasn't been picked up by a team since the Patriots released him last September - is still up to his no-good antics. And it has some people concerned about his mental health. 

The former Steelers player hopped on Instagram Live yesterday to record an incident that went down between himself, his kids’ mother Chelsie Kyriss and the cops. AB called the cops to home in Hollywood, Florida around 10AM and all hell broke loose.

According to AB, she was trying to “steal” “his” Bentley instead of picking up the kids. The NFL player did tell police he had evicted Chelsie from his home, but would allow her to come on his property to pick up their kids (they have three together) and take them to school.

"B*tch, you don't drive Bentleys. This is not your life," he said in his IG Live.

In a expletive rage, AB shouted to cops about getting her off his property immediately, calling her all types of b*tches in FRONT of their children. He was cursing out the cops as well.

”Take that fish-looking b*tch to jail,” he said. Ugh. She wasn’t that when he was pumping babies in her, but we digress.

You can see the exchange below – WARNING! NSFW:



Towards the end of the heated situation, AB grabbed a bag of gummy bears that were shaped like “dicks,” and tosses them in her direction. So lame.

Again, the clip is NSFW:



Why did he even have these to begin with?

After the incident, Chelsie hopped on Instagram to post very disturbing screenshots of text conversations with the ex-NFL star:



AB was busy on social media as well, cutting up:





The Hollywood PD has had it with AB's "very rude and disrespectful" behavior, so they're cutting ties with him. They returned a large donation check to the wide receiver.

AB used to work out at their Police Athletic League football field. He even worked out there in October as he was training to try and get back into the NFL. Not anymore.

TMZ reports:

But, things have soured between the two sides ... and it's all spelled out in a new statement from the HPD detailing multiple incidents involving police where Brown treated officers terribly. One incident took place on Dec. 14 when cops were called to AB's home for a domestic dispute involving his baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss.

"While Officers were on scene, Mr. Brown treated them with disrespect and disdain."

Cops say after the incident, they tried to contact Brown to talk things out but they couldn't get a hold of him ... so they decided to end things for good. Ultimately, the HPD says "We made the decision to sever ties between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League. We did not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown."

Cops say they even returned AB's donation for their 7-on-7 league and have banned him from working out on their field ever again. If he returns, he could be arrested for trespassing.

"We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization."

Def can't blame them in this case.

Now, a judge has ordered AB and Chelsie to mediation to work out their issues. It might take more than mediation to clear this ish up.



According to The Blast, the decision was a part of Antonio’s eviction lawsuit against Chelsie. He is attempting to evict her from one of his homes. They have 60 days to try and work things out and the meetings are mandatory.

Whew, chile. This is a MESS!


Photo: Chelsie's IG


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