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WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS: ‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Caught Up In Alleged ‘Spitting’ Drama With 7-Eleven Clerk

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"Empire" star Bryshere "Yazz" Gray ended up having to speak with the police after an altercation with a 7-Eleven clerk went down. See the "he said, she said" clip inside...

Looks like former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett isn’t the only one all wrapped up in drama.

”Empire” star Bryshere “Yazz” Gray – who plays Hakeem Lyon on the hit FOX series – got into it with a 7-Eleven clerk in Orlando last week, which resulted in the cops. It’s a case of “what happened was…”

The TV actor claims it all started after the guy he was with spit on the floor inside the convenience store in Orlando. The 7-Eleven worker allegedly got upset and told them she was NOT going clean up the spit off the floor and that she was not going to serve them. Bryshere told the woman he would clean the mess up, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for the clerk. He said the woman snapped and started throwing things at him. He couldn’t remember what she threw his way, but once he saw her tossing things in his direction, he picked up a bag of chips and threw them at her. Then, he left.

While chopping it up with police officers, he said the surveillance footage would back up his claims that the 7-Eleven employee threw something at him FIRST.

However, the 7-Eleven employee is singing a different tune. She told the police that Bryshere was the one who spit on the floor and that he attacked HER first. She told them she wants to press charges against the actor for his actions and said the video footage will back her claims. So yeah, right now, it’s a case of he said, she said until the surveillance video is reviewed, which is currently being done.

NO arrests were made at the time due to the conflicting stories and no physical injuries. Obviously, Bryshere doesn’t want to go the lawsuit route, but the female in the video seemed adamant that was her next move. Check it below:

This wasn't Bryshere's first run-in with the law in 2019. 

In June 2019, he was arrested in Chicago after cops pulled him over while he was driving his 2014 Rolls Royce. Turns out, he was driving dirty with no license, no insurance and no registration to match the tags, so they put him in cuffs. He was booked on a misdemeanor (registration that was not authorized on the vehicle) and released. He was also cited for not having a license or insurance.

"Empire" returns to finish up its finale season this spring.

Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shuttershock.com

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