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Kenya Moore & Marc Daly’s Awkwardly Bad Relationship Continues On ‘RHOA,’ Folks Think It’s Toxic

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Kenya Moore breaks down on the last episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as her marriage to Marc Daly unravels before viewers’ eyes. More inside…


Watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore interact with her now-estranged husband Marc Daly on the show has been cringey AF.

By now you know Kenya & Marc decided to call it quits after two years of marriage, but fans are just now getting to see what happened behind-the-scenes before they ultimately decided to part ways. Keyna is NO saint, but Marc’s attitude is straight trash.

On last night's episode, in particular, the former Miss USA sat down with her "RHOA" co-stars Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey to find out their thoughts about the triple date they all went on previously. Watching Kenya and Marc interact with one another during the triple date was mad uncomfortable. It’s like he doesn’t even LIKE Kenya. At all. During the date, Marc couldn’t stop talking about how “nice” Nene Leakes was to him when they first met, knowing his wife and Nene can’t stand one another. Not only that, he was very rude towards her while they were having conversation during their gathering.

“I just feel like in the beginning when Brooklyn [their 1-year-old daughter] came, he was so happy. Now, I just feel like he’s getting farther and farther away,” Kenya told her co-stars.

”Do you think this is something you guys can work through?,” Cynthia asked Kenya.

“I just think we’re in a really low place right now,” Kenya responded while wiping away tears from her eyes.

It’s clear Kenya and Marc are having issues and Cynthia isn’t optimistic about them patching things up, especially after their candid conversation.

”I think that Kenya’s fairytale ending may not be that happy of an ending,” Cynthia admitted during a confessional.

The former runway model shared with Kenya what she observed about Marc’s behavior during the triple date.

“This is what I saw that Marc was putting down that I wasn’t really picking up,” she said.

“Whenever he got ready to say something, if you even thought about interrupting him [he got annoyed]. But then when he would finish and you would get ready to respond, then he would cut you off,” she said.

Kenya agreed. Apparently, it’s an issue they’ve been having throughout their marriage. During earlier episodes, Kenya would describe his personality as being an Alpha male. Now, she’s realizing it’s more than just that.

”That is what I feel like is the weakest link in our relationship. The communication," she shared. “Because you can say anything to someone, but just say it respectfully."

Kenya said she and Marc will get into full blown arguments due to his “fragile ego” and him not wanting to compromise.

Not only that, Kenya explained how she would get upset when Marc would come to Atlanta to visit her and Brooklyn (he lives in New York) and would go out instead of staying home to spend time with her and their daughter. After hanging out with the couples, Marc went out with Kandi's husband Todd Tucker.

"You have a baby that loves you so much, that you don’t get to see every day," Kenya said. "You should be spending all your time while you’re in Atlanta with your family. Then, when you go to New York, if you want to be out until 2 in the morning, if you’re not coming home to your family, then [go],” she continued.

Def the makings of an uncoupling.

Check it at the 4:44-minute mark below:

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