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While Trump Was Getting Impeached, Obama Was On A Hawaiian Golf Course Having The Most Adorable Baby Meet-Up You've Ever Seen

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President Obama flexed his Baby Whisperer skills on the golf course in Hawaii this week, all while Trump was busy with the impeachment fallout.  In case you've forgotten what a true President looks like, we've got the adorable reminder inside.

Barack Obama made his usual trek to his original home state of Hawaii for the Holidays, and he spent this past week on the golf course.  He also gave a newborn baby named Riley the #TBT content that will flex on everybody every year when she gets older.

On Tuesday, he made his way over to Andrea Nicole and her 3-month-old niece Riley while golfing and asked to hold the baby. And we all know Prez O has always been the ultimate #DadGoals.

Caution: It's so sweet we can barely stand it. Swipe for the video below:


Little Riley's father is in the Navy and is based in Hawaii. Prez O snapped a pic with him and Riley's mom, Tiffany, too:


Loves it. BTW, Andrea gets all the "cool auntie points" on earth for this one.


Photos: Andrea Nicole's Twitter

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