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Stephen Curry's Nude Pic Scandal Isn't A Scandal Afterall

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A nude pic leak alleging to be of the NBA's goldenboy of Golden State, Steph Curry, took over Twitter this morning.  And now we've gotten to the bottom of it.

If you thought today would be the day you got a peek at Steph Curry's peen, you're out of luck.  At least, this is what his agent says.

While folks were (not) minding their business and scrolling down their Twitter timeline, a set of nude flicks said to be Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry popped up mid scroll. There was 1 pic of Steph changing in a locker room, then 3 more pics of a faceless and random penis. Clout chaser? Possibly.

Thanks to Twitter's often lax reactions to sexual and graphic content being posted directly onto their platform, the pics spread like wildfire and weren't taken down.  It certainly looked like the former NBA MVP.  So it wasn't hard for folks to believe it was him in the pics, even if no one know where the pics originated from.

Now, Steph's agent has reportedly told Daily Mail's Sports News Editor Alex Raskin that it is NOT his client or his client's peen in those pics.


Hmmm. MK. We do know that even if it was Steph in those pics, a heavy denial would be in order because of his squeaky clean, Christian family values image he and wife Ayesha Curry live by. So, if some nude pics did leak - at the hands of someone who wasn't supposed to have them at that - that could be a wrap on that highly profitable "good guy" image.

Steph's agent's denial hasn't stopped the Twitterverse from cutting all the way up over this though.  Check it:


Teeheee. Petty.


Steph is currently out recovering from his broken hand injury.  The 31-year-old point guard will be out at least another 6 weeks, approximately.  Get well soon!



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Photo: Steph's IG

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