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A$AP Rocky Defends His 'Weak Stroke Game' In Alleged Leaked Sex Tape, Twitter Slander Gets Crazier

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Lovin' bad b**ches might be A$AP Rocky's f'in problem, but it's certainly not his only one. A leaked sex tape has folks wondering if they even like him back now that we've seen the type of sex game he likely gives them. The rapper is getting dragged and slandered all over social media, and it's...interesting.


Deets inside.

It's one thing for your sex tape to leak. It's a whole other for it to be embarrassingly bad. (Ask Kim K.) Unfortunately for A$AP Rocky though, it doesn't look like he's going to get any reality show offers from this.

Yesterday, a video - supposedly first posted to Pornhub.com - hit the internet streets that showed a man with identical tattoos as "F**kin Problems" rapper A$AP Rocky getting it in with someone.  The man - whose face wasn't shown - is seen clapping the cheeks of someone with seemingly enhanced ASSets. The positives: He wrapped it up and believes in safe sex.  The negatives? Well, let Twitter tell you:




Rocky then spoke out about it all. 

He didn't explicitly say it IS him and his penis in the video (he could just be joining in on the joke) but he also didn't say it wasn't.  Anywho, A$AP has been busy trying to get back to Sweden - yes, the place where he was jailed for beating men on the street who followed him and his team - to perform for inmates. Sweden's not having it, but for some reason, Rocky's determined to do it. Even if it's for the "people of Sweden".



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Photo: Pacific Coast News

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