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WATCH: This Long Lost Daughter & Birth Mother's Reunion On 'Judge Mathis' Has Us Ugly Crying

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If Judge Mathis veers from his usual drug dealer/wack baby daddy/trifling roommate/trifling parents-friends-kids cases, you know it's gotta be good.  We've got the tearjerker he delivered to the courtroom yesterday, just in time for the Holidays.

Ugh.  Could you imagine?! 

An Indianapolis woman - Maria Luckett - who was forced to give her baby up for adoption decades prior after giving birth to the daughter at 13 has been looking for her long lost daughter for 40 years.  Thanks to Facebook, a woman - Koetha Drayton - who faced her own horrible tragedy in life who had been searching for her own birth mother since she turned 18, and then-Governor Pence who allowed medical records of adoptees to be unsealed, we all got to witness what Judge Mathis called "God at work."

You gotta see it.  Either way the DNA test results went, we were rooting for these two to become family regardless of blood.


Loves it!

By the way, Judge Mathis kept his word to pay for them to spend the Holidays together. Here they are in Indianapolis for Thanksgiving:




Photo: Judge Mathis Show


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