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‘LONG LOST FAMILY’ SNEAK PEEK: Black Woman Desperately Searches For Biological Family After Being Adopted Into White Family

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A black woman named Amanda is searching for her biological family after she was adopted into a white family. Catch our exclusive sneak peek of the next episode of "Long Lost Family" inside....

Imagine growing up in a family where no one looks like you. Not only do they not look like you, the family you grew up with doesn't share any biological traits that makes one wonder, "Where did I come from?" and "Who are my parents?"

That’s was the case for a black woman named Amanda, who appears on an upcoming episode of TLC’s “Long Lost Family.”

"Long Lost Family" follows the stories of people who have, for one reason or another, experienced long term separation from members of their family and are seeking to be reunited with them. After a lifetime of separation, birth parents will reconnect with their biological families and children will meet the parents who put them up for adoption years ago. And we're huge fans of the show. So is Kim Kardashian West



Growing up in rural Nebraska, 31-year-old Amanda always felt like an outsider in her town.

As an African-American adopted in to a white family, Amanda felt inadequate because she had no idea about her biological origins. However, a page in her baby book caused her to go on the hunt to uncover details about her biological parents.

Desperate to know more about her birth family, Amanda has asked for host Chris Jacobs' help in uncovering her past. Will she find the answers she's looking for? Check out our exclusive sneak peek to Friday's emotional episode below: 

See if Amanda gets the answers she's looking for when "Long Lost Family" airs a new episode this Friday at 10/9c on TLC.

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