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A$AP Rocky Is Going Back To Sweden To Perform - Yes, Really

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A$AP Rocky is headed back to Sweden - voluntarily - just months after he was jailed there in an international arrest that made headlines. Deets inside.

Just before the 4th of July, A$AP Rocky and his security got into a brawl with a couple guys who were following them on the street. A$AP was jailed despite pleading his case of self defense, and said he was unjustly being held. He repeatedly asked for help via his friends Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (since he said in the past he can't relate to regular black folks being treated unjustly by police, he can only relate to the folks on his level in Soho and Beverly Hills). They asked Trump to talk to the Swedish government, and he claims he did.  But the Swedish government said no talks with American officials would hold any weight on their decisions.


The Swedish judge in the case called A$AP he's a flight risk, so he held the rapper there in jail until the situation was absolved. Almost a month later, A$AP and three friends were found guilty of assault and told to pay $12,000.  Then, they were released.  Now, the "F**in Problems" rapper is voluntarily returning...to perform.

LiveNation said in a statement today: "After tremendous support from the Swedish fans, he returns to Stockholm for a long-awaited gig for all his supporters." 


The show - which will also have yet-to-be-announced Swedish performers - will go down December 11th.  Tickets go on sale November 12th.  Part of the proceeds will go to the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR), a non-profit organization working to strengthen the right of asylum.

His whole Swedish arrest saga messed up his bag for a performance in Canada too:

Guess A$AP's not holding any grudges against the Swedish people.


Photo: Shutterstock.com

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