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OH! So THIS Is Why Popeyes Chose This Date To Re-Release The Chicken Sandwich - The Chick-Fil-A Shade Is REAL

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The chicken sandwich war continues! National Sandwich Day is coming up - Popeyes & Chick-Fil-A are doing the most—or not. Find out what we mean inside…

The chicken sandwich drama is at an all-time high …. STILL!

Popeyes had everyone fiening for their new chicken sandwich when it debuted back in August, but it quickly sold out leaving anxious customers HANGRY AF. Like, one person even filed a lawsuit against the chicken chain for running out of sandwiches. Go figure.

However, Popeyes recently announced they're bringing their sought after chicken sandwich back on Sunday, November 3rd. Now, we all know Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays, so once the announcement came out, fans quickly picked up on the shade.



But, there’s more…

Turns out, Sunday, November 3rd is National Sandwich Day. Chick-Fil-A issued an email to their customers to celebrate the day, but then they realized it fell on a Sunday, so they sent out another mass email asking customers to disregard.

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*snickers in foolery*

A fan posted a screenshot of the email on Twitter, so Popeyes responded...with chicken sandwich shade, of course:


So yeah, Chick-Fil-A will be closed on National Sandwich Day and Popeyes will likely be booming with business. Will you be trying to get your hands on one of Popeyes' chicken sandwiches this Sunday?

Photos: JHVEPhoto / Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock.com

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