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Kanye West Delays ‘Jesus Is King’ Album Again To 'Finish Mixing', Makes Surprise Visit On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

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Kanye West's Jesus Is King album gets delayed again. Deets on why the LP was pushed back for a third time, plus what he said about turning his life over to God during his surprise appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” inside…


It’s October 25th and Kanye West still hasn’t delivered his ninth studio album, Jesus Is King. At this point him announcing a release date just seems to be a publicity stunt in itself.

The highly anticipated religious-themed LP has been pushed back at least three times since he announced he was coming out with a new album. The project was originally set to drop on September 27th. Then, it was changed to September 29th. The album never came and there was no explanation as to why at that time. 

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After the delays, Ye announced the album would be dropping on October 25th, along with an accompanying IMAX film.

His cultish fans were excited to hear the album, which was supposed to drop at midnight, however, it’s STILL not here. Ye hopped on Twitter last night to explain that he’s still working on production on a few tracks and that’s why the album still hasn’t been released:





No word when Jesus Is King will actually drop.

We know what else he was doing last night.


The Chi-town native made a surprise appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" - which was filmed in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The show normally tapes in Los Angeles but moved to Jimmy's native BK for the week. Ye stopped by the show to promote his new album hours before a premiere party for his album and accompanying film.

Kimmel shared a clip of Kanye's 6-year-old daughter North West dancing in front of a screen that was showing clips from his IMAX film. Ye said he loves how his daughter is excited about going to church thanks to his Sunday Services.

“I love the fact that my daughter wants to go to church,” he said. ”She has such a positive thought association going to church because it’s outside of the traditional four walls and outside of the pews."

We guess folks can define church however they want to these days.  Even if it's basically a for-profit concert with merch and indirect sales.

The PABLO rapper - who said he's no longer doing secular music - talked about giving his life over to Christ and being a vessel for the Lord.

“And now that God has called me and I now have given my life to Jesus Christ and I work for God,” he said. “Now, we have Christian innovation in our time.”

He said the Lord is using him, his choir and his family to "show off" the service to God.

When asked if he feels born again, he responded, "I'm just a Christian everything."

"It feels like God is using me, and using the choir, and my family to show off," he continues. "We're in complete service to God, and the business is thriving."

He later talked about how black people need to start teaching one another how to handle our finances and more. Peep his interview above.

In the World Trade Center's brand new PATH station called Oculus, Ye was seemingly setting something up for his album's release:











Around 2AM, Yeezy made his arrival:



Looks like his appearance was pre-taped during the least populated hours.

Also, it's reported megachurch pastor Joel Osteen invited Kanye West to attend his church in Houston. TMZ reports

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Kanye and Joel speak from time to time on the phone ... as recently as 2 weeks ago. We're told Joel has invited Kanye to take a trip to Houston and experience his megachurch, Lakewood, where 45,000 people show up to pray every week. The Sunday service reaches 100 MILLION homes in America and tens of millions more around the world.

We're told Ye told Joel he'd love to attend a service, and he wouldn't be the first celeb to do so. Oprah, Tyler Perry, the Clintons and many others have attended.


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