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Klay Thompson 'Unlikely' To Play This Season, But At Least He Has Girlfriend Laura Harrier To Keep Him In Good Spirits

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It’s “unlikely” that Klay Thompson will hit the basketball court for the Golden State Warriors this season. At least he’ll have his girlfriend Laura Harrier to keep him in good spirits. More inside…

The Golden State Warriors will likely have to play without the other half of the Splash Brothers this season.

Four months ago, Klay Thompson tore his left ACL during Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. The Warriors guard has been holding out hope that he would be cleared to return this season, however, that may not be in the cards for him.

"It's unlikely that he's going to play this year," Warriors coach Steve Kerr told NBC Sports Bay Area on “NBA Season Tip-Off.” "So we have to understand that."

Players with similar injuries have sat out for almost a year or longer. Coach Kerr believes Klay will be on the same timeline as those players.

"You have to look at it realistically," the Warriors coach said. "I had an ACL in college, and I missed a whole season. Generally, an ACL for a basketball player is a full-year recovery, and if it's a full year for Klay, that puts them out for the season,” he said.

“We've kind of left the door open in case the rehab goes perfectly and the doctors say he can go. But the reality is, on April 1st, that’s the nine-month mark. He got his surgery on July 1st. April versus nine months post-op for an ACL.”

So, what are the Warriors going to do?

"We have to prepare our young guys to fill that role behind him, and when he gets back, whenever that is, hopefully these young guys now are developed and in the rotation and ready to really be contributors on a playoff team and we can get better," Kerr added.

Klay hasn’t missed more than nine games in an NBA season, so all of this down time is killing him.

"He's bored," Kerr said. "I mean, Klay loves basketball, he loves to play, so he's at the point in his rehab, three-plus months in, where his knee feels pretty good. He's not in pain. He can get out there and shoot around, but he's got to let it heal, and he can't run, he can't cut. So we'll see him in the weight room, in the training room, getting his work in.

“But I feel bad for him. You never feel part of it unless you're actually playing and with the guys, and he misses that."

While we’re sure he’s missing basketball, he now has more time to spend with his actress girlfriend Laura Harrier. She's likely helping nurse him back to health, so he can get back to doing what he loves.

The couple seem to be madly in love since he's VERY comfortable posting all about her on his IG, something he was rumored to never allow himself or girlfriends to do in the past:








The couple started dating in January, briefly broke up in April (along with some love triangle drama), but are back together now.

Here's to a speedy recovery!


Photo: Laura's IG

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