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Lala Anthony On People Saying She Can’t Act – ‘If You Can Do It Better Then Why You Not Getting The Jobs I’m Getting?’ + The Hilarious Reactions To The Fatal 'Power' Twist!

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Lala Anthony heard y’all saying she can’t act, and now, she’s responding. Find out what she said inside…


WARNING: If you haven’t watched the latest episode of “Power” yet, stop reading.


The last episode of “Power” was an emotional one for Lala Anthony as her character – LaKeisha Grant– was killed off the show. What’s crazier is the fact her home girl Tasha St. Patrick (played by Naturi Naughton) was the one who blew her brains out. It had to be done after Keisha signed that paperwork saying she would work with the feds to bring her boyfriend Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) down. Besides, being on a show like “Power,” it’s inevitable that you’re going to be killed off at some point. It’s also the last season of the drama series, so we expect folks to be dying left and right.

Stopping by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club,” Lala talked about what it was like shooting her final scene and how she found out she was being killed off the show.

”If you’re going to leave a show, then you want to leave a show with a bang, literally," she said. "You want people to talk about it. You don’t just want to disappear, and nobody cares about it. I feel like this is a moment people will always talk about.”


The “Power” actress said she doesn’t let her 12-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony, watch the show, but she did let him see this episode.  We would have surely thought this would have been the one episode he SHOULDN'T watch.

“Power” creator Courtney Kemp and “Power” producer/star 50 Cent sat her down to deliver the news her character was going to die.

“I understood it. It’s a show that people die. You just never know when it’s going to be your chance. To be honest, LaKeisha lasted a long time. That character was never supposed to be that big or grow to that. To see where LaKeisha started and where she ended, it’s just a testament to the fans who fell in love with her, the fans who hated her, and the fans who just wanted to see more.”

Speaking of fans hating, Lala shared how she feels about people who say she can’t act.

“Not really. You got to be worried when people aren’t talking. My thing is that…I’m doing it. So, if I couldn’t do it, then why am I doing it? If you can do it better then why you not getting the jobs I’m getting?”

She said just because she had a different journey to become an actor doesn’t mean she didn’t put the work in.

”These people aren’t just giving me jobs because I’m me. They can hire anyone. They’re giving me jobs because I go in there and I put the work in,” she explained.

Not only does she put the work in, she has a platform where she can get more eyeballs on a show/movie.

”And I also bring a following with me. I have almost 10 million followers on Instagram. People watch what I do. What’s the point of having these great shows if nobody’s watching them? You want people to watch. So, if you can do it better then you bring your 10 million followers and you do what I do.”

To be fair, that is actually getting the job because you're you.  At least in part.

Lala said people just want to hate and have a reason to hate. She said when icons like Debbie Allen, Samuel L. Jackson and Phylicia Rashad tell her they love how she’s playing her character on “Power,” why would she be concerned with what trolls are saying on social media.

“If they telling me that, you think I give a f*ck about what some Twitter troll or Instagram person say? If Debbie Allen is telling me, ‘I want to work with you. I love what you’re doing.’ I don’t care what nobody else ever says to me,” she said while talking about attending Tyler Perry Studios grand opening last weekend.

Welp, there you have it.

Lala also talked about her new role on Lena Waithe’s “The Chi,” starring and producing a STARZ show titled “Intercepted” with 50 Cent, her 12-year-old son Kiyan dating, how she feels about her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony not playing in the NBA, and more. Peep her interview below. Start at the 22:04-minute mark to peep her clapback to the trolls:

After the last episode of "Power" aired, La hopped on social media to react to her shocking death: 


View this post on Instagram

SPOILER ALERT‼️Last night was so emotional for me. This was hard to watch I want to thank @50cent & @courtneyakemp for giving me the chance to bring LAKEISHA GRANT to life. I’m forever grateful to the two of them for believing in me. @naturi4real you are an amazing talent and an amazing friend. Im so glad we took this ride together @josephsikora4 I thank you everyday for the work we did. You are phenomenal! That final scene, when you walked in and dropped to your knees...WOW. You pushed me to grow as an actor & a person. I was honored to be your KEISHA. I’m going to miss working with you so much @omarihardwickofficial & the the rest of the POWER cast and crew my love for all of you runs deep. We are a family and finally to the fans of Power. I love all of you so much Thank you for taking this ride every season with us. You have made Power a show people will never forget. Thanks for riding with Lakeisha. Whether you loved her or hated her...I appreciate you so much. Love really makes you do crazy things ‼️From the bottom of my heart Thank you. Thank you. Thank you RIP LAKEISHA GRANT... I love you @power_starz #powertv #lakeishagrant

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And y'all know the Internet was cutting up, funeral programs and all:

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Can't stand y'all (lol).


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