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CHILL! Regina King Is Keeping Her Golden Globes Pledge – Of Course ‘They’ Expect Her To Have Done It Yesterday

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Regina King covers Marie Claire's "Ambition" issue where she talks about how folks have been rushing her to make good on that Golden Globes pledge to staff her productions with 50% women. She served up the perfect response. Find out what she said and more inside....


At this point, there’s no denying Regina King is an an unapologetically black force in Hollywood that continues to blossom into something even more magical than before. It’s been 34 years since Regina first wowed us on television (on the 80s sitcom "227") and then taking her talents to the big screen (starring in Boyz In The Hood). The acting queen is finally getting her just due.

Over the last four years, the 47-year-old actress has been scooping up major awards, including three EMMY awards, an Oscar and a Golden Globe award. Finally, Hollywood is recognizing her incredible talent and putting some "respeck" on her name, something we've always admired and have done.

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“The fact of the matter is that Regina King is not having a moment. Regina King is here to stay, in the way that Meryl Streep was having a moment when ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ came out, and 30 years later she’s still having a moment in ‘Big Little Lies.’ Regina King is one of if not the greatest living actor. And we have only just begun to see what she is capable of.” @Watchmen creator @damonlindelof can't wait for the world to see @iamreginaking as Sister Night. Visit the link to learn how the superhero role was made for King and why she genuinely believes ‘comfort zones are where dreams go to die.’ | Photography by @ThomasWhiteside Styling by @memsor Interview by @sarah_m_broom Hair: @queen_philonese for @goldenstrandsint Makeup: @makeupbylatrice Manicure: @nailsbyamandadean for @FrenchiesWoodbury Set Design: Jaquelinne Cingolani Production: @joyasburyproductions

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Earlier this year, Regina King won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in If Beale Street Could Talk. During her acceptance speech, she made a promise that she would make sure everything she produces will be 50% women and she challenged anyone from any industry to do the same.

Being a black woman, she’s expected to instantly make good of her word, but she literally made the promise at the beginning of the year. Journalists have been hounding her about making good on her pledge when she hasn't even announced she's producing a new project yet. In her cover story for Marie Claire's "Ambition" issue, she talks about how people of color are always expected to do things twice as fast as their white counterparts.

“Have you seen an announcement of me producing something yet?” she constantly finds herself saying. “That speech was six months ago. Goddamn.”

Yes, the double standard that often comes up when it comes to women of color.

“I’m held to account. Not having as many of the opportunities or resources as a white man or a white woman in the industry, but now that I’m the one that’s decided to say that I’m going to use what I’ve been given to do more, it needs to have been done yesterday?”

Exactly. Can sis even get a project first before they start with the BS? Sheesh.

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All hail the King! Badass @iamreginaking is on the cover of The Ambition Issue and opens up to writer @sarah_m_broom about how Eartha Kitt inspired her to act, her #GoldenGlobes vow, and why she thinks of @beyonce when she thinks of ambition. Tap the link to learn why the role of Sister Night in @HBO's @watchmen is unlike anything Regina has done before and why she believes the teeth are the windows to the soul. | Photography by @ThomasWhiteside Styling by @memsor Interview by @sarah_m_broom Hair: @queen_philonese for @goldenstrandsint Makeup: @makeupbylatrice Manicure: @nailsbyamandadean for @FrenchiesWoodbury Set Design : Jaquelinne Cingolani Production: @joyasburyproductions

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In her new role on the upcoming HBO “Watchman” series, she plays a superhero named Sister Night. And just like her character, she isn’t taking any ish…from anyone.

“Turn the other cheek? I don’t quite believe that. I do believe that sometimes you’re supposed to turn the other cheek, sometimes they’re supposed to get smacked back, sometimes they’re supposed to get knocked the fuck out, you know? And taking that moment to assess the situation will help you.”

You can read Regina’s full interview here. In the meantime, peep her Pop Quiz clip with the publication below:

Check out Regina's return to television when "Watchman" premieres Sunday, October 20th on HBO.

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