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Here’s The Altercation With A British Reporter That Probably Made Prince Harry Go Off + Two British Tabloids Getting Sued By The Duke Of Sussex

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Prince Harry got properly savage on the British media for continuing to disrespect his wife Meghan Markle. Now, we have a video of the royal scolding a British reporter, which was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. Oh, and he’s suing two more British tabloids. Deets inside…

A few days ago, Prince Harry had to go British savage on the media/tabloids for the constant disrespect they keep publishing about his wife, Meghan Markle.

By the way, Kensington’s Palace didn’t even know he was going to pop off on the media. Yeah, he means business. He’s sick of the negative coverage and he’s standing up and speaking out about it so the same thing that happened to his mother, Princess Diana, doesn’t happen to the most important woman in his life now.

“Unfortunately, my wife has become one of the latest victims of a British tabloid press that wages campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences – a ruthless campaign that has escalated over the past year, throughout her pregnancy and while raising our newborn son,” Harry said in a statement on Tuesday.

So check it…

Before Harry released his statement about the media abuse, he got into it with a reporter. The Duke of Sussex reprimanded Sky News journalist Rhiannon Mills for asking a rude and unscheduled question during his visit to the Mauwa Health Centre in Malawi. The Duke & Duchess are currently on a royal tour in South Africa.

After chatting with health officials about the Mauwa Health Centre, the journalist caught up with the British royal as he made his way to his car and asked, “That short conversation, what do you hope to achieve through it?”

Prince Harry was a bit taken aback and responded, “What? Ask them.”

Then, the journalist asked, “Is that why it’s important for you to come and talk to them?” The Prince, clearly taken aback by the question, responded, “What? Ask them.”

That’s when Harry popped back, “Rhiannon, don’t behave like this.”

The issue? A source (who is not authorized to speak publicly) told USA Today royal correspondents are well aware the royal family does not partake in unscheduled interviews, nor do they give the media commentary while at royal outings.

Hours after the encounter, Prince Harry released the statement defending his wife and announcing she was suing the Daily Mail for infringement of copyright and misuse of private information, after it published excerpts from a private letter Meghan wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, in February.

Peep the encounter below:



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Not only is Meghan filing lawsuits, so is her husband. according to reports.

Buckingham Palace confirmed to BBC that the Duke of Sussex is gearing up to sue the owners of The Sun and The Daily Mail (like Meghan) for allegedly hacking his phone. Documents have been filed at the High Court on behalf of Prince Harry "regarding the alleged illegal interception of voicemail messages."

The publication reports: 

A spokeswoman for News Group Newspapers (NGN) - the publishers of the Sun and the News of The World - said: "We confirm that a claim has been issued by the Duke of Sussex."

The BBC understands that the duke's allegations against NGN predate 2010, but it is not yet clear when his claims against the Mirror date from.

A source at Reach, which owns the Mirror, told the Press Association it was aware proceedings had been issued but had not yet received them, so was unable to comment further.

Yeah, he's FED up and rightfully so.

On a lighter note, peep picks of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex visit Tembisa township to learn about the Youth Employment Services (YES) Hub. They were met by Melony Campbell from the British High Commission, who will introduce Tashmia Ismail-Saville, the CEO of YES.

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Photos: Getty/Backgrid

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