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Lil Nas X Drops 'Panini' Video + Kevin Hart Dragged (And Defended) Over His Comments To The Rapper About Him Coming Out

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After performing the song in a similar look at the MTV VMAs recently, Lil Nas X just dropped the official video to his newest single "Panini." Go inside his futuristic world and find out why Kevin Hart is being criticized as he recovers from his accident.

Set in a futuristic world of flying cars and hologram billboards, X tapped Disney actress Skai Jackson to star in the vid, showing her in an attempt to escape Lil Nas X as he pops up everywhere she goes, trying to win her over as a fan. Ha. By the way, the treatment idea for the visual came directly from X himself and was brought to life and directed by special effects artist, musician and YouTuber Mike Diva.

Lil Nas X previously revealed that “Panini” is a song about a fan who loves you in the early stages of your career for the cool factor of knowing about something before it becomes mainstream, and that fan feeling like they’ve outgrown you when the rest of the world catches on. Sounds about typical.

And if you're trying to watch it in school, X has got you covered:

Peep the blacklight, neon filled video below:


The video comes out on the heels of Lil Nas X's appearance on Lebron James' HBO show, "The Shop."  In last night's season premiere, things got heated when the rapper, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne tha God, and other guests began a question about homosexuality.

In the 1 minute clip taken from the full premiere episode, Kevin interrupts Lil Nas X's response, saying "So what?!", when the host asks the rapper about choosing to "come out" while he's at a peak in his career.

Some folks thought it came off as dismissive and silencing, especially when Kevin felt the wrath of the LGBT community and allies himself recently in his career due to comments he made about not wanting his son to be gay. The comedian made it seem like X coming out wasn't a big deal, but, isn't it? Even if it's a big deal in a positive way?

Others believed he wasn't being dismissive, and that he was simply saying it shouldn't be a big deal that someone came out.  They believe he was actually supporting Lil Nas X in his own way. X had a response to that though when he finished his explanation. He said he's actually solidifying the fact that it's not a big deal if he makes this reveal at the top of his career and it doesn't affect his career, instead of waiting to use it as a publicity stunt.

Check out the debate below:

Others say the people who are criticizing simply didn't watch the full episode:



Photos: Columbia/Kevin's IG

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