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SPOKEN WORD: Aoki Lee Simmons Pens A Poem About Her 'Sensitivity' To White Girls And It's Many Things

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Aoki Lee Simmons shares her truth in a poem about feeling "sensitive" to white girls. Read her thoughts inside...

Lately, Aoki Lee Simmons has been giving us a piece of her mind via social media.

Most recently, the youngest child of Hip Hop fashion royalty, daughter of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, shared her sensitivity to white girls and their privilege in a poetry piece she wrote as a part of her summer writing series.

The soon-to-be 17-year-old - who celebrates a birthday this month - took to her social media in the past to vent about the racism she’s experienced in high school. She handled the situation with poise and grace and definitely made her mogul parents proud.

This time, the feisty little sister isn’t taking perfectly petty shots at her big sister, Ming Lee Simmons, or defending her honor in a battle of words on social media. Aoki reveals a softer, vulnerable side of herself that we haven’t yet seen.

Here's what she posted (then deleted):

 photo aokiwhitegirls2.jpg

She wrote: 

“I am sensitive to white girls. When they get the boys, the jobs, the things I wanted. Even if they don’t get them! those rare times, they never wonder if it is because of the color of their skin. And I am left to wonder if I lost out, because of mine.

"I am sensitive to white girls. Or perhaps the word is jealous! So aware of them, when they walk through the world free from those kind of doubts. One less thing on their shoulders. One less worry to bear. I am sensitive FOR white girls. For the doubts we all face, the glass ceilings we all try to break, the discriminations we all fight. But I can’t help but wonder about white girls. How does it feel to not constantly be told, you are not beautiful or not enough, in this hurtful world.”

 photo aokiwhitegirls3.jpg

She captioned the poem, “Summer of writing snippets! (Love to all my sisters of all colors so don’t take this one the wrong way.)”

It's deep, however, for a young lady who grew up with extreme wealth and privilege, but feels "sensitive" for white girls, reinforces just how hard the average black teen growing up in today's society has it when it comes to self-love. Growing up in her world, we're sure white women are praised plenty (y'all know what we're talking about). Some fans were taking issue asking why she would feel "jealous" of white girls.

Although, there are other fans who understand where she's coming from and don't necessarily think this came from a place of jealousy - but a way of pointing out white privilege using a question, especially when it comes to beauty.  

The upcoming Harvard University freshman’s thought-provoking words def started up conversation on social media. Check it:











Photo: Aoki's IG

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