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What Does She Have To Do With It?! Taylor Swift Fans Go Off On Kamala Harris After Partying With Swift’s Foe

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Taylor Swift's army aren't here for presidential hopeful Kamala Harris partying with music mogul Scooter Braun. Find out why they're mad inside...

Taylor Swift's "Swifties" are mad at Sen. Kamala Harris.


Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is currently on the campaign trail ahead of the second Democratic debate that's set to go down July 30th & 31st. She was recently spotted having a good time at a private Hollywood fundraiser - attended by several stars, including Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, her husband Douglas Emhoff, and more - at a California mansion.


The only problem is, the person who invited Sen. Harris is beefing with pop star Taylor Swift. Hmph. Fans of the pop singer angrily called out Sen. Harris online for associating with music mogul Scooter Braun.


What's tea?

Taylor is beyond disgusted with Scooter for the acquisition of her masters. He recently purchased Big Machine Label Group LLC, which owns the rights to Swift's music, and that instantly made him the owner of her first six albums.  The two had a huge public rift where Taylor accused Scooter of bullying her in the past, getting his clients to bully her, and being a predatory manager who schemed her in deals.  Scooter, his wife and others said that's all untrue, saying she wasn't blindsided by the sale and was actually offered a chance to buy her masters previously and turned it down.  Taylor swears he's trying to own her in various ways, though.

Fans hopped on Twitter to call Kamala Harris out for attending an event hosted by Braun, calling her a sell out! Several of Taylor's fans said they just could not support a candidate who aligned herself with someone like Braun. One user tweeted: "AND THE SELLOUT AWARD GOES TOO....Kamala Harris! For having Scooter Braun throw her a party with Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato just to make people like her. It worked for Hillary.... #SelloutInChief"


Another user said, "@KamalaHarris. Word has it that @taylorswift13's fans are very upset w/you for aligning w/#ScooterBraun.Better reconsider doing so, before things get a lot uglier for you, b/c of what that man did to Ms. Swift."



Below are more angry tweets from Taylor's Swifties:











They will deal. Let her live! At least when it comes to this.  They don't want Kamala to gather folks like she did fellow presidential hopeful Joe Biden during the first Democratic debate.

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