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Someone’s In Hot Water! Former NFL Player Shawne Merriman SUED For Wrongful Death Of Playboy Employee

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Former NFL baller Shawne Merriman has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. Deets on why he's being accused inside...

In case folks didn't know, drugs can be deadly.

Former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman has been hit with a lawsuit from the parents of deceased Playboy employee, Kimberly Fattorini. They claim the former NFL star drugged her prior to a fatal overdose in 2017. Her parents are also suing a nightclub and other suspects involving their daughter's death.

The 30-year-old woman - who worked as a casting associate for Playboy - died on July 21, 2017 after being invited to party it up at the club by a nightclub promoter. Friends say Fattorini met up with them at the club, danced, and then went back to the promoters house where they continued the party and cocaine was allegedly used.

Later, Fattorini was found unresponsive in her Hollywood home. An autopsy later determined there was no foul play and Kimberly reportedly died from an overdose of cocaine, alcohol, and the "date rape" drug, GHB.

The parents of Fattorini accuse the former San Diego Chargers player - who previously dated Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson - and others of possibly drugging their daughter and assaulting her before her untimely death.

The lawsuit claims that during the initial 911 call when Kimberly was found unresponsive, the ex-NFL player did not want it to be known he was there because he was afraid that his celebrity status would garner media attention, so he left the scene before responders arrived. In messages found between Kimberly and the club promoter, Kimberly mentioned to the promoter that Merriman may have poured “G” in her drink. "G" is often referred to as the "date rape" drug.

“you friend just poor’d[sic] half G in my drink,” she wrote.

It's also alleged Merriman arrived to the home "carrying a bottle with some sort of liquid inside."

Really bruh?

The parents claim to have read two texts between the promoter and one of their daughter's friends where the promoter suggests the ex-NFL player killed Kimberly.

"Shawn killed her ass, what a f*cking idiot," the alleged text from the promoter read.

The lawsuit also claims that when responders first arrived, Kimberly was found half-naked with her jeans unzipped and unbuttoned, bra twisted, bruises on her leg and her lips were blue. However, a preliminary report from the autopsy did not reveal foul play, per the lawsuit.

Merriman's rep issued a statement to TMZ addressing the allegations:

"As of right now Shawne, nor his attorney, have any knowledge of him being named in any lawsuit. This alleged lawsuit is baseless. Shawne attended an after party more than two years ago where a young woman unfortunately overdosed," the statement reads.

"The police thoroughly investigated and found no wrong doing whatsoever by Shawne. The fact that they are raising this now, two years after the fact, demonstrates the baseless nature of these allegations."

The Fattorini family is seeking damages for the loss of their daughter.


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