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ICYMI: Ben Simmons' Sister Seemingly DRAGS Kendall Jenner For Being An NBA Pass Around

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Did Ben Simmons' sister call his ex-Kendall Jenner an NBA "hoe?" Sure seems like it. Peep her shady tweets and more inside...

Ben Simmons' ex-Kendall Jenner got dragged by his sister!

It comes as no surprise that when Kendall Jenner decided to pop back at a Twitter post about her NBA dating history, one of her NBA ex’s sisters would come for that neck. And chick came for that NECK!

You may recall, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star responding to a tweet about her dating history being a playoff team. Out of the 5 players listed in the post, she confirmed she only has been with 2 of them:


Ben's sister - Liv Alice Simmons - caught wind of her tweet and decided to respond with some serious shade. She basically called Kendall out without even mentioning her name, but it's clear she was being shady about Kendall's alleged thot activities.

Liv pointed out that Kendall, not only dated a few basketball players, but a whole league! She even referred to Kendall as a "hoe!" Yikes. Sis even went on to say she can pull out receipts if she had to. Oh, she's ready.

Peep the tweets:








On her Instagram, Ben's sister calls herself a basketball coach, a mom, mental health advocate...wait a mental health advocate? Seems pretty strange for someone to be on Twitter calling out people’s sexual behavior but also advocates for mental health. Interesting.

By the way, Ben Simmons recently signed a whopping 5-year, $170 million dollar contract with the Sixers. We wouldn't be surprised if Kendall wants that old thang back.

Celeb siblings def have no problem taking up for their blood. You'll recall, when news broke that Ben was cheating on his then-girlfriend/singer Tinashe, her brother wanted all the smoke.

Siblings don't play!

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