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Folks In Toxic Relationships Shouldn't Be Flying The Friendly Skies - Watch Woman Smash Laptop On Boyfriend's Head & Get Kicked Off Plane!

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A woman went HAM on her man on a plane before take off, smashing him in the head with her laptop. Chile...


See the crazy clip inside...

Listen, toxic relationships should remain on the ground and not in the friendly skies. Aint nobody got time to be listening to or watching somebody else's drama at 10,000 feet in the air. Well, unless you're nosey like us.

A woman was caught on video going berzerk on a man she is seemingly in a relationship with. And it has now gone viral after she smashed him over the head with her laptop!

The heated argument went down on American Airlines Flight 277 before taking off from Miami International Airport headed to Los Angeles just a few days ago. In the clip, the woman is heard cursing the man all the way out. It's clear there's some type of romantic relationship between the two because she accused him of looking at other women.

"You want to try to f*ckin' look at other women, n*gga? Nah, f*ck you!," the woman screamed at him.

Passengers on the flight looked extremely uncomfortable as she unleashed her rage on him.

"I wear the f*ckin' nuts! Watch until we f*ckin' get home," she continued.

After the woman cursed him out, the man hopped out his seat and over hers in order to leave the aircraft, and that's when all hell breaks loose. Chick grabbed her laptop and hit him over the head with it as everyone gasped! She walked back to her seat to get her purse when a crew member informed her she would be charged with assault.

"Fine, whatever," she replied.  Savage.

Check it:

Here's another angle: 



The look on people's faces though.

American Airlines emailed a statement to Business Insider to address the viral video:

"Prior to departure from the gate on Sunday at Miami International Airport, two passengers who were traveling together were involved in a dispute. Law enforcement was requested, and both passengers were removed from the aircraft. We thank the American crew who worked quickly to diffuse the situation. Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers."

Foolywang material, indeed.

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

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