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OH? LaLa & Carmelo Anthony Do Dinner In LA Amid Divorce Rumors?

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It appears Lala & Carmelo Anthony have reunited after reports that the actress was exploring possible divorce options following the yacht drama. See the flicks and more inside...


Two weeks ago, LaLa Anthony was reportedly exploring "legal options" about what the future of her marriage to NBA baller Carmelo Anthony looks like following that yacht drama. Then, she was in the club poppin' off about not giving a damn about a "n*gga."

Now, it seems she's singing a different tune. Photos caught the "Power" star with her NBA husband after having dinner at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. The NBA All-Star held the door opened for La as she got inside his vehicle. She tried to keep a low profile, wearing a baseball cap pulled all the way down.


It appears she had dinner with Melo before hopping on flight to Australia to shoot scenes for her new role on the ABC television show, “Reef Break."



La - who celebrated her birthday in Atlantic City earlier this month- is seemingly unbothered now, but she def popped off about "f*ck bois" in the club days after the yacht drama broke:





Last month, ish hit the fan when Melo was photographed laid out on a yacht in Paris with a 28-year-old woman that some sites have indentified as a model named Sara Smiri. The kicker? He was out with this chick on La's actual birthday. The NBA baller tried to cover his tracks by saying the woman he was laid out with was married and he was there with her AND her family, but most people weren't buying it - his wife included.

Shortly after the yacht scandal, there were reports that LaLa could possibly be considering divorce.

La and Melo - who share 12-year-old son Kiyan Anthony - have been trying to make this thing work after they initially split in April 2017. The couple tied the knot in 2010. You'll recall, the breakup news came as rumors were circulating that Melo allegedly got his mistress, Mia, pregnant.

During their first split, the "Power" star moved out of their NYC family home and copped her own place in the Big Apple. They have reportedly been living separately ever since, but they reunited in September 2018. Now, they're back on the outs again.

Will they get back together? Time will tell...

Photo: MEGA

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