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Fan Gifts Cardi B. A $20K Birkin Bag For Showing Up To HIS Birthday Bash, 'Okurrr' Trademark Gets DENIED

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A super fan gifted Cardi B with a Birkin bag for attending his birthday bash in Miami last night. Watch her reaction when she opens the box, plus find out why her "Okurr" trademark petition got denied inside...

Birkin bag? Why thank you!

After appearing in court in NYC and dropping her new "Press" visuals, Cardi B jetted to Miami to turn up for a live performance at LIV nightclub.

A super fan - named Ali - gifted the "Press" rapper with a new $20,000 Birkin bag for showing up to his birthday bash at LIV. She now has a new bag to add to her growing bag collection she loves to flex on social media.

The "Clout" rapper was shocked when Ali rolled up on her backstage with a huge gift box.

"Look at his birthday gift to me! It's his birthday and he gave me this. Big Birkin!" she screamed.

*cue up City Girls* "Big Birkin bag costs 5-6 figures."


Check it:




Chick also hit the stage to perform, shoeless:







She also snapped it up with LIV Miami owner David Grutman:



In other news...

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A few months ago, the "Money" rapper filed paperwork to trademark "OKURRR" because chick has some merch she's itching to release. She was looking to put her catchy catchphrase on items for a clothing line, including shirts, pants and hoodies. She was also looking to put her signature saying on paper goods like cups and posters.

Well, her request was denied. The feds say the saying is way too common.

The Blast reports:

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Cardi was refused a trademark registration after filing to lock down her phrase, "Okurrr."

U.S. Patent and Trademark officials explained that Cardi's slogan falls under the category of "widely-used commonplace expressions," and did not fit the bill to deserve a trademark. They also noted that Okurrr, "is a slogan or term that does not function as a trademark or service mark to indicate the source of applicant’s goods and/or services," and that it does not distinguish itself from other similar marks.

Furthermore, it seems a few of Cardi's fans already beat the star to the punch and filed similar trademark applications before she filed her own application back in March.


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