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Tristan Thompson Wishes Khloe 'Happy Birthday,' Cops $6.5M Bachelor Pad + Khloe Hopes Jordyn & Tristan Become 'Better People' After Scandal + Jordyn Pops Back!

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Whew hun-ty.  Tristan Thompson just copped a new mansion in Cali and has some words for his ex, Khloe Kardashian has the unmitigated gall to say she hopes Tristan and Jordyn Woods become "better people" after scandal, and Jordy is poppin' back at Khloe and Kim Kardahsian West. Everything inside...

Today is Khloe Kardashians 35th birthday and her ex-Tristan Thompson posted up a "Happy Birthday" tribute to send "positive vibes" her way:



"Happy birthday @khloekardashian," Tristan wrote in a caption of Khloe and their daughter True Thompson. "You are the most beautiful human I have ever met inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing mommy to our princess True. She is blessed to have someone like you to look up to. I wish you nothing but more success and sending you positive blessing your way. Enjoy your day Koko"

He claims she's all these great things yet.....


Tristan is also making real estate moves during the NBA offseason - and following that infamous scandal with Jordyn Woods. The single NBA player has seemingly been unbothered by it all, turning up at pool parties in Miami and such.

The Cleveland Cavaliers baller is still out here living his best life, despite backlash he has been receiving for his f*ck boi antics.

Last month, the 28-year-old copped a $6.5 million mansion in Encino, California, which is about 25 minutes from his ex-Khloe Kardashian and his daughter True Thompson's Calabasas home.

He'll have plenty of space to throw house parties - like the one he had at his home that Jordyn Woods attended back in February - with over 9,864 square feet in his new bachleor pad. The mansion - sitting in a gated community - has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a ground pool, a marble patio, an oversized spa, and an outdoor kitchen with a bar counter for entertaining.

Inside, there are several luxury features like multiple fireplaces, high ceilings and a custom wine cellar.

It's unclear if he still has the home he threw the Valentine's Day party at. However, he does still have his five bedroom, six bathroom home in Cleveland.

By the way, the Canadian native will be an unrestricted free agent come 2020. We wonder where he'll end up.


New promo for Part 2 of the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" mid-season finale just dropped. And in it, Khloe Kardashian has the nerve to say she hopes the scandal will make Tristan and Jordyn better people, as if she was this sacficial offering.

"As much as these people hurt us, I also know that if this can make them better and if I can be that person then…

"Like, I know I'm strong enough to do that," she said while crying in the clip. "It just sucks it has to be so public."

But, publicity is what you and your family crave Khloe. You can't have it both ways.

"No one understands how I'm not just a TV show," the "Revenge Body" host continued. "Like, this is my life and it breaks my soul and it's happened so many times."

Khloe's sister Kim Kardashian chimed in, saying she understood why Khloe hopped on Twitter and blasted Jordyn following her Red Table Talk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith.

You'll recall, Khloe blamed Jordyn (not Tristan) for breaking her family apart. Now, she claims she didn't literally mean Jordyn was the only reason she and Tristan broke up. Oh.

"I would never blame solely one person for that. There's a multitude of things, so I feel bad," Khloe told Kim. "Even though Jordyn played a part, I do feel bad if anyone would think I was putting the sole blame on her. 'Cause that's not the truth and I only like to speak my truth."

Peep the "KUWTK" sneak peek below:

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