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Wendy Williams' Friends Are Worried She's 'Spiraling Out Of Control' On Her Sobriety Journey, Now She's Giving Advice To Women & Controlling Her Career

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Folks in Wendy Williams' camp are speaking out and it's not looking good for the daytime talk show host. ...

Wendy Williams may be "dippin' it and doin' it" out in these streets. Yes, she has been getting her life in LA with her new bestie Blac Chyna.  And yes, she has been having "no strings attached fun" with 27-year-old North Carolina native Marc Tomblin, who is a convicted felon.

However, her friends are reportedly worried about her.

As you know, the daytime talk show diva has been struggling to stay sober amid all of her divorce drama with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. She has made several public appearances in the last few weeks, seemingly happy and sober. But, it seems there may be something going on behind closed doors that have the people around her concerned.

“Wendy is not in a good place,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Friends close to her are worried she’s spiraling out of control.”


When this video of Wendy breaking down about her divorce/drama hit the Internet, we knew something was up:


She brought Mr. Tomblin - who has been revealed as an ex-con who did time for armed robbery - back to NYC for a few more days of fun. They were spotted all around Manhattan shopping it up and living their best lives. We say do you Wendy, but don't get GOT by another man because you're vulnerable. It's ok to be alone for a few too.

Wendy seems to be keeping it together enough to run her own career herself these days though.  It's widely known her soon-to-be ex ran the show on the business side, often keeping her in the dark.  She admitted this many times on her show, but made it seem like that was her choice.  Not so much.  She was in Charlotte today speaking at FWD, the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit.  And she revealed just how controlling Kev was.  The Blast reports:

While being interviewed Wendy was asked about the difference in career advice for women and men.

Wendy didn't hold back, telling the crowd while her career was taking off, "Kev and the team would show up...and wouldn't tell me until he knew the deal was done."

In the video, Wendy was clear to the audience, "I want to be in on every meeting until the deal is done, this is how I roll," claiming she is now completely in charge of her affairs and career path.

Wendy also gave the room advice about having kids too early in life, claiming it's not a good idea. "Kids get in the way," Williams responded. She clarified that she loves her kids and is a parent herself, but her advice is to build a business and then settle down in your 30s.


It all started when the 54-year-old talk show host took a whole two month hiatus from her show. Everyone knew something was up because Wendy hardly ever misses a show. Finally, she returned to the show in March and revealed she had been living in a sober house in New York with a 24-hour sober coach. She talked about how well she hid it from the world, but it was clearly taking a toll on her.

After her confession, it was reported she relapsed on alcohol and was taken to the hospital. However, she didn't miss a beat. She appeared on her show the next morning, telling fans she was just fine. Hmph. Wendy has a history with cocaine addiction and often talks about it on her show.

In April, Wendy filed for divorce from her husband of 20+ years after his rumored mistress, Sharina Hudson, allegedly gave birth to their baby girl. Kevin Sr. still hasn't confirmed or denied if the baby is his. Meanwhile, his relationship with his 18-year-old son, Kevin Jr., has suffered. The father-son duo reportedly got into a physical fight that resulted in Kevin Jr. being arrested for assault.

Also, Wendy dissolved The Hunter Foundation, a nonprofit she started with her ex-husband to help support recovering addicts. Kevin Sr. claims he's going to start a new foundation to continue helping addicts. Also, Kevin Sr. has requested Wendy pay him spousal AND child support amid their divorce.



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