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Porsha Williams Gets Rid Of Her $240K Tax Debt, Did She Get Rid Of Fiancé Dennis Too?

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Porsha Williams had a huge tax problem on her hand, but she just got rid of it. But, has she gotten rid of her fiance Dennis McKinley too?? More inside...

More money, more problems!

Porsha Williams got caught up with a major bill when she decided to skip out on paying taxes over the years.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was hit with a $240,000 unpaid tax bill from Uncle Sam. But, chick has coughed up the cash and everything's all good.

The Blast reports:

According to court records obtained by The Blast, the IRS filed a release of a Federal Tax Lien filed against Williams. The reality star had unpaid taxes for 2009 ($405.39), 2011 ($174.72), 2012 ($4,611.76), 2015 ($37,524.65), and 2017 ($197,907.58) for a grand total of $240,624.10.

Hey, it happens when you make more than you estimate or when some thins are miscalculated.  She paid it off just in time before that lien hit.

In other news...



There has been rumors swirling that Porsha and her fiance Dennis McKinley have called it quits after fans noticed the reality star, her sister and her mother abruptly stopped following the Hot Dog King. There were unconfirmed rumors of cheating and extreme sexual behaviors done by Dennis, and the unfollowing happened right as those rumors surfaced.

Not long after, Porsha started following him again, but it has left folks wondering if there's trouble in paradise.

Not only that, a rumor came out that Dennis was having an affair with “WAGS Atlanta” star Sincerely Ward (started by YouTuber Tasha K). Oh? Well, a rep for McKinley addressed the rumor to Page Six and they claim it's not true. McKinley is also considering legal action for the fabrication:

Page Six reports:

A lawyer for McKinley told us that Tasha K — real name Latasha Kebe — “published a series of false salacious and slanderous allegations against Mr. McKinley, either knowing they were false or with a reckless disregard for the truth of those statements … The derogatory comments about Mr. McKinley are made solely to damage his reputation, jeopardize Mr. McKinley’s ongoing businesses, and negatively impact his family. Mr. McKinley is sickened by the unprovoked and unfounded assassination of his character and reputation perpetrated Ms. Kebe and her co-conspirators.”

Ward, 35, also denied any involvement with McKinley. “I literally have absolutely no clue [how this rumor started]. I just noticed maybe a couple days ago, like weird ghost accounts started coming after me or saying, ‘I’m happy for you and Dennis’ and some weird stuff,'” she told us. “Number one, I know Porsha and I respect Porsha and I would never be involved in this kind of trash. Number two, I’ve never met this guy a day in my life … I don’t know how my name got thrown into it.”

However, Tasha K is sticking to her story, telling us she received the information about the alleged affair from a well-trusted source.

She also stands by the allegations she made in a separate video that McKinley “is allegedly a get-rich-quick scheme artist.”

Regardless of the drama, Porsha was seen wearing what looks like her engagement ring at the 2019 Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo where she was a keynote speaker over the weekend. Of course, the "RHOA" cameras were rolling, so we'll def see how it all went down soon.











It was all good just a few months ago when Porsha and Dennis welcomed their daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley, into the world.




Maybe they'll fight for the relationship for the sake of their daughter.  But based on their superficial fights during their "Porsha's Having A Baby" spinoff, we just don't know.




Photo: Porsha's IG

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