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Nipsey Hussle Planned A Meeting On Capitol Hill To Advocate For Black Businesses Before His Death, T.I., Charlamagne & Nipsey's Business Partner David Gross Made It Happen

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Nipsey Hussle set up a meeting on Capitol Hill to advocate for black businesses before his death. Rapper T.I., radio personality Charlamagne tha God, and Nipsey's business partner David A. Gross made sure it still happened. Here's a look inside the meeting and what it was about inside....

The Marathon Continues!

Before Grammy nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in LA back in March, he had set up a meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to discuss coming up with ways to rebuild underprivileged areas through opportunity zones.

“Everybody knows that Nipsey was pretty much the founder of the idea to bring everyone together who, you know, may individually be able to do great things and make a significant impact on their own in their communities,” T.I. told The Hill. “But for us to come together, we can impact so, so many more communities and spread our efforts so much wider.”



Rapper T.I., Power 106 radio personality Charlamagne tha God, Nipsey's business partner David A. Gross, Los Angeles City councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, presidential hopeful Cory Booker and more made their way to Capitol Hill to conduct the meeting Nipsey would have wanted to go down.

The group participated in the Opportunity Zone Minority Investors Summit and Congressional Black Caucus meeting where they discussed economic investments, economic development opportunities, and closing the wage gap in African American communities.


They discussed their interests in opportunity zones, which is a program created by the 2017 tax bill to incentivize investment in underprivileged areas.

"I was born in an opportunity zone, and I've been making significant investments and contributions to the community that I have called home for all my life that is now zoned as an opportunity zone," T.I. said.

Charlamagne added, "I don't want to be just another gentrifier that comes in, gets rich, buys these communities and pushes these people out."



“We spoke about opportunity zones. You're talking about not just an opportunity for folks who have been marginalized or exploited or left behind, you're also talking about opportunity for hip-hop,” Rep. Antonio Delgado (D-N.Y.), a former rapper, said. “Because what hip-hop has done over its lifetime, has put brothers and sisters who've come from tough circumstances in a position to elevate their individual lives and at times their communities.”



Shoutout to these YBF men putting in work to benefit the next generation!

Photo: Marqueece Harris-Dawson's IG

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