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Wendy Williams Finally Addresses Her HOT TOPIC Head On - Says She Dates OFTEN & Reveals Mystery Man She Was Spotted With

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Wendy Williams is out here dippin' it and doin' it now that she's an almost single woman. She says she dates often and the "parade of men" will continue as she's rediscovering her love of men. Oh? Get it all inside...

Wendy Williams is reclaiming her time and life!

Today, the 54-year-old daytime talk show host addressed her divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter head on for the first time. Since news broke that she was calling it quits with Kevin after she filed for divorce in April, Wendy sort of danced around details about her pending divorce. She hadn't fully addressed the situation, until now.

Over the weekend, pics and videos of Wendy and a mystery guy attending the Fierce Ball on Saturday night in NYC were floating around on social media. The man looked a lot like her "type," i.e. her soon-to-be ex. People questioned if she was out and about with Kevin. Turns out, she was with her security detail - a bodyguard named Web.



One fan called Wendy out for being on her phone during the entire event, even when Naomi Campbell hit the runway:




After she confirmed who she was with, Wendy opened up about her divorce.

"I am working on my divorce pleasantly right now," she told the audience.

She said she can't really ask for privacy from the public because she's always in everyone else's business when ish hits the fan. Right now, her son, Kevin Jr., is home from college and he's splitting his time between her and her ex. If you've been keeping up with Wendy, then you know she has been hitting up events left and right in NYC recently. She said she's been out on the scene because she likes to have fun. And now that she's a "mature, almost single woman," she can do that.

With all her newfound freedom, Wendy has also been heavy on the dating scene. She went on to say that several of her male employees have been to her new "bachelorette pad" in NYC and the parade of men will continue until she's settled in.

"I have the ultimate bachelorette pad, high atop everything. I have a really, really good view and I am reclaiming my life. I don't have a boyfriend, but I must admit, I'm rediscovering my love of men. And transparency, I do date and I date pretty often."

“The parade of men will continue...because I still need things lifted. I need things put in position," she joked. “I’m still unpacking containers for God’s sakes. That’s all I’m saying.”

GET. IT. We're SO not mad at this.

Peep the clip below: 



Chick is getting her groove back after her ex allegedly cheated on her for over a decade and allegedly had a baby with his alleged mistress, Sherina Hudson. By the way, Kevin is seeking spousal and child support (even though their son is 18) from Wendy. The audacity.


We see how you doin', Wendy!

Photo: Wendy's IG

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