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Seriously Boosie?! This Man Had Chicks Stripping Down To Get 'Flewed Out' To His Topless Pool Party, Mistakenly Adds A Kid To IG Live & Freaks Out

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Rapper Boosie serves up all the foolywang material you didn't know you needed. Go inside to get your laugh on (and side-eye) his live-stream antics...

When Boosie Badazz hops on Instagram Live, anything is bound to happen. He's known for wilding out on IG and last night was just as insane.

The Down South rapper popped up on social media with a video where he tells all his fans that he and his home boys were throwing a topless pool party. He was looking to round up some chicks to get "flewed out" to his crub for the bash. To get an invite, he encouraged the females on his live to strip down for him as his followers looked on.


It didn't take long for some females to strip all the way down for the Baton Rouge rapper. One chick popped in on the live stream, showing off her breasts that were pierced. She kept her face out of the camera, but made sure to give a close up of her lady lumps.




Another chick hopped on and did the same thing. She apparently had met the rapper previously and started to spill some tea about their sexual encounter. Once she started sharing too much, Boosie quickly shut her down. Check it:




As he was scouting more women, things took a turn. A hilarious one at that. Boosie invited a fan to join the live stream and when the fan logged on, he realized in was a child!

"I'm going live with Lil Boosie," the kid said excitedly.

"Oh, it's a kid. Oh my f****** God!," Bossie responded as he passed whatever he was smoking to his homie - as if the kid didn't already see it.

Boosie quickly kicked the kid off the live and blocked her in fear of getting in trouble. Get your laugh on below:




Oh, and he wasn't done there. Boosie also showed off his unique sandwich making skills:



We can't!


Here's how the topless pool party turned out:


Boosie is a mess!

Photo: Boosie's IG

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