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Russell Wilson Personally Hands Out Clothes To The Seattle Homeless + The Wilsons Join The DEA To Tackle Opioid Crisis

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Russell Wilson is a man who loves to give back and we love it! Go inside to see how the Seattle Seahawks quarterback gave back, plus his PSA with his wife Ciara to tackle the opioid epidemic inside...

While he's the highest paid player in the NFL, Russell Wilson hasn't let it go to his head.

Yesterday, the Super Bowl winning quarterback was spotted on the streets in downtown Seattle handing out clothes and shoes to the homeless and people working on their sobriety.

And he wasn't just passing out old threads. He was gifting folks with clothes and shoes with the tags still attached!

A fan spotted the act of kindness and shared it on social media:



This is why we STAN. He could have been doing anything his heart desires, and he decided to spend his day giving back to those in need. This act of generosity comes less than a week after the Seattle Seahawks QB gave away $12,000 in Amazon stock to every offensive lineman on his team. He's clearly putting that $140 million to good use and we're all for it.

Speaking of giving back....

Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara have teamed up with the DEA for their National Prescription Take Back campaign to tackle the drug abuse and opioid epidemic.

Some folks aren't feeling the Wilsons joining forces with the DEA to fight the opioid epidemic. They want to know why they're on board with this campaign when black people have been thrown in jail due to the "war on drugs" that has ruined lives since the 80s. As you know, the opioid epidemic is mainly geared towards whites who are hooked on drugs. Meanwhile, blacks have historically been thrown in jail over small drug charges, often spending more time behind bars than murderers.

We commend them for wanting to help with the drug problem in the nation, especially seeing that they live in one of the states hit the hardest with the opiod crisis.  Do others have a point about also helping black people whose lives have been ruined due to the war on drugs? Thoughts?

Giving back isn't the only thing Russ has been up to...


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It’s a G thing.

A post shared by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on


He flossed out front his G wagon, serving up all the drip on social media.


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A post shared by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on


Hey, when you earn it and give back, you earned the right to floss a lil too.




Photo: Russell's IG

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