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DON'T COME FOR BREEZY! Chris Brown Unleashes Savage Clapback At Chvrches After They Dragged Him (& Tyga) Over Collaboration

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Clapback King Chris Brown unleashed a savage rant aimed at Chvrches after they bashed him and Tyga over a collaboration with Marshmello. Find out what Chvrches said to make Breezy go AWF inside....

Earlier this week, a band called Chvrches criticized their recent collaborator Marshmello for collaborating with Chris Brown and Tyga on the new single "Light It Up."



The band released a statement airing out their frustrations about Marshmello working with "predators" and "abusers."

“We are really upset, confused and disappointed by Marshmello’s choice to work with Tyga and Chris Brown,” the band wrote in a statement. “We like and respect Mello as a person but working with people who are predators and abusers enables, excuses and ultimately tacitly endorses that behavior. That is not something we can or will stand behind.”

They're likely speaking toward Chris Brown's past involvement with domestic violence and other trouble he got into afterwards, as well as Tyga seemingly dating Kylie Jenner before she was of age.



Tyga hopped in Chvrches' comments with a Godly response:

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“Where [We're] all God’s children. Everyone makes mistakes no ones perfect. Let’s Keep the energy positive,” Tyga responded.

Not long after, Breezy hopped in the comments on another picture, however, his response was MUCH more harsh.

 photo cbdramaagain2.png

“type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients,” Breezy wrote. “Keep groveling over you own insecurities and hatred. IM BLACK AND PROUD. AND I KNOW ITS HURTS THAT U GUYS ARE STRUGGLING WIT LIFE OR PEACE SO U ARE FORCED TO SEE MY SUCCESS. You aren’t even #2 ( REMEMBER 2nd place only means YOU LOST FIRST! TA-TA. GOODDAY PEASANTS.”

The band hasn't directly responded to Breezy's clapback. However, they now claim they're receiving death threats.

During their headlining performance at the Fortress Festival in Texas on Sunday, Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry explained why they went after Chris and Tyga. And she's doubling down on their first statement. She said it's "morally dubious" for musicians to work with artists who have a history of violence. Peep the clip above.

She also shared direct messages she has been receiving:




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