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Wait, What? Cops Did Wellness Check On Wendy Williams After Kevin Hunter Was Accused Of Poisoning Her!

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A police report has surfaced about a wellness check cops did a few months ago at the Hunter household. The reason? Someone accused Wendy Williams' estranged husband Kevin Hunter of poisoning her. More inside...

What was REALLY going on in the Hunter household?!

Before all of the divorce drama popped off, Wendy Williams' now-estranged husband Kevin Hunter was accused of trying to poison the daytime talk show host.

Back in January, cops were knocking on Wendy and Kevin's door after an anonymous person - who claims to work for Wendy's production company (Debmar-Mercury) - called the police and accused Kevin of slipping something harmful to Wendy.  The person reportedly wanted police to go and check on her. This was all according to a police report that was filed this past January.

It's reported two officers from from the Livingston Police Department stopped by the former couple's home - during the time Wendy was on hiatus from her show - and were greeted by Kevin. At first, he didn't want to let the cops inside because he claimed she was recovering from a "health problem." The officers explained they were legally required to speak with Wendy due to the nature of the call they received. He eventually obliged and let them. When officers came in, they reportedly found Wendy "lying in bed with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”

What in the covered cloth?

Officers asked Kevin to leave the room so they could speak to Wendy alone, but he refused. He said he wanted to stay by her side.

According to Page Six, Wendy told the officers she was recovering from a broken shoulder. When asked if there was any truth to the tipster's claim, she joked that she’s “very popular." Cops asked her again and she reportedly got tearful and then denied there was any truth to it. Kevin reportedly told the officers there had never been any calls to their house over domestic violence complaints and they responded they "couldn't recall any." She assured the officers she was OK and they left.

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You'll recall, Wendy finally pulled the trigger on a divorce from Kevin earlier this month, ending a 22-year marriage. It's reported once Wendy found out Kevin allegedly fathered a child with his alleged mistress of 10+years, she was done. Wendy's estranged husband is no longer working on the "Wendy Williams Show" as an executive producer. He allegedly walked away with $10 million.

NewsOne reports Wendy and Kevin did NOT have a prenup:

Celebrity Net Worth reported that the talk show host was worth an incredible $40 million. She reportedly has a salary that has paid $10 million a year for her show, which breaks down to about $55,000 per episode. On the other hand, Celebrity Net Worth had Hunter’s monetary value listed at $10 million. Without a prenup, Williams could lose millions.

New Jersey, which is where the couple made their home, is considered an equitable division state. Therefore, their marital assets “are divided in such a manner determined to be fair — but not necessarily equal — by the courts,” according to Riker.com. Her husband could receive half or maybe less but it will certainly be significant considering the role he has played in her career.


Last Monday, Wendy announced that she was looking forward to moving forward with her life, which includes her exiting the sober house soon.

On Easter, the daytime talk show host spent the day with her teenage son, Kevin Jr. She also reportedly had lunch with an unidentified man on Easter Sunday. Hmph!

Keep creating this "new life" Wendy. The old one was seemingly very taxing on you mentally, spiritually and emotionally.



Chris Brown responded to Wendy's report about him and Nicki Minaj's upcoming summer tour. The talk show host asked the audience who should open up the show. She joked whomever shows up first should open the show since they're both always late. It must have struck a nerve because Breezy responded.

The "Back 2 Love" singer posted a clip from her show and said, "OK WENDY I DONT SHOW UP LATE THOUGH!! I DO HOWEVER SHOW DA F*CK OUT. APPRECIATE DA PUB. WHEN U BROKEN.. u live in da shade... JUST KNOW I SAW THE COMPLIMENT IN BETWEEN THE DEMONS. thanks boo."



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