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Bey Drops LIVE 'Beyoncé: Homecoming' Album With A Super Black 'Before I Let Go' Cover AND A Perfect Netflix Doc

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Beyoncé didn't just drop a whole Netflix documentary giving us a front row seat to how she created all that perfection we got at Beychella.  She even gave us a surprise new 40-track live album with her whole Coachella performance, including a black AF cover to a black AF song.  Because, Beyoncé.  Rejoice with the Hive inside.

Beyoncé isn't on the lineup for Coachella 2019, but she def stole everybody's thunder this year with her epic performance from 2018 - in the form of a documentry.  And an album.

As the first black woman to headline the 20-year festival, Bey's "Homecoming" documentary - that dropped at midnight/3am EST gives more insight as to why she brought black HBCU culture to a majority white audience (other than the simple fact she just can).


She didn't just give us inspo, fitspo, careerspo, all the "inspiration" -spos with a detailed look at how she created the genius that was Beychella, but she showed us the intimate difficulties she faced getting pregnant with twins unexpectedly. From the Preeclampsia due to high blood pressure to an emergency c-section to topping out at 218 pounds before giving birth to Sir & Rumi Carter, Bey gave women and moms (and the men who appreciate them and even those who don't) a relatable and touching look at being a working mom of 3.

Even with all the resources in the world, there's certain issues women experience that even money can't prevent or make drastically better. You can't help but have a whole new appreciation for how chick hit those stands at Coachella two weekends in a row just 10 months later. Slayed all that ish.



By the way, can we talk about how Bey SPIT these twins out:

She's basically their triplet.

While rocking HBCU merch throughout the documentary, likely giving her plenty inspiration, she decided to bless the Beyhive with a new album while creating Beychella too. It's a compilation of the live performances from her Coachella set list. Included in it is a New Orleans-inspired remix and cover of Frankie Beverly & Maze's "Before I Let Go." Yup, the black staple on every BBQ's playlist and also at any N.O. party you go to.

iTunes said about "Homecoming: The Live Album":

 photo Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 2.10.26 PM_zpsicaa1cvk.png


So, yeah. Beychella & Beyflix will serve as our life mentors until further notice. Aside from that diet of air and vegan-nism. Keep your judgment.

Post a video or voice message in Yappa below and tell us if you loved "Homecoming"!

Photo: Beyonce.com

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