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The Biggest Issue With That Viral Video of Cardi B. Responding To A Nicki Minaj Question Isn’t Her 'Response'

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Cardi B. was asked a ridiculous question about Nicki Minaj at an event over the weekend, and it was problematic.  But not for the reasons you may think.

Cardi B. attended the Swisher Sweets awards this weekend in L.A. where she was an honoree.  And one interview she did with Variety magazine concerning Nicki Minaj is now viral.

The question was a lazy and unnecessary one that was borderline problematic, despite Cardi playing it off like a pro with just a laugh.  It was disrespectful, just as it would have been to Nicki if the situation was reversed. It actually may have even had social media lashing out at Nicki had she given this same response, TBH.

But that's not really the biggest issue here.

The fact that a mainstream (read: white) media entity was allowed to ask this question with zero repercussions is....interesting. One reason is because even having access to black celebs is more difficult for black media than folks may realize. Especially on a red carpet such as this. There's been numerous articles written recently about black media being ignored or rejected access to events, even events hosted by black companies. Yet white media gets all access very easily, while never speaking about the event or the celeb previously. Some would say "because they get shaded by their own" or "asked shady questions." As this video proves, black media certainly doesn't have the exclusive grip on asking ridiculous or shady questions.

Another reason this is so interesting is that black media - and we can speak first hand on this - are often given a laundry list of Do's and Don'ts by an artist's or celeb's publicist when we are given access.  Yes, even before they stop to speak to us on a red carpet.  Heaven forbid we do a Don't, and the interview is cut short and we would likely never have the opportunity again. We guarantee a black outlet could not have asked this same question and had this same, exact result. And black media definitely wouldn't be continuously thrown more access and opportunities afterwards, like Variety often is. The publication actually broadcasted this "interview" for clicks in a newsletter and across all their platforms, without even mentioning the very event they were on the red carpet for.  We're sure they'll be asked back, while that event's PR turns down black media who would have at least mentioned the damn event itself.

We're all about everybody getting the content they need and want.  But it's time we all start calling out unfair treatment due to the racial demo of a media entity. And it's definitely time for folks to call out white media just as they do black media when silly things like this interview occur. Black celebs and black media (and black readers) deserve more respect than this.


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