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ALL FACTS DETECTED! Future Gets ROASTED By His Own Fan For Comparing Himself To Nipsey Hussle

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It wasn't enough for Future to hop on social media talking about which of his 6700 babies' mothers he will "help out" based on how much they've done for him.  He just had to go and compare himself to Nipsey Hussle.  One of the ATL rapper's fans - bless his heart - had enough.  And whoooo chilaaay.  The read he gave....


Future often boils our blood and every blood cell in our body.  But today, especially today, aint nobody have time for his mumbling a-- foolery. 


Yesterday, the rapper posted a video talking about all the money he spent, clothes & chains he bought, and more all weekend.  He said he was also lacing his baby mamas and giving them financial support if they have been showing him love.  Not sure when this became the criteria to pay for your responsibilities you spread your community peen to create. 

Then, he hopped in the comments section of a post honoring the late Nipsey Hussle for being one of the very few artists who preach ownership, betterment and black excellence.  Here's what he fixed his fingers to say.



But that clap back right there!  We don't know who dude is, but we're about to throw our panties at him.  He said what we said.

No lies & all facts detected.  Somebody give this man a trophy (see what we did there?).


Photo: ATLPics.net

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