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Daniel Caesar Should Have Just Sat There And Sang His Songs – Criticizes Black People For Being 'Victims' & 'Mean' To White People

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Singer Daniel Caeser just messed up half our playlists, since now we can't even listen to "Get You" without thinking about this foolishness he just got on Beyoncé's internet and said. Watch inside to see what has everybody now dragging him by the ghost of his former dreds.....

Daniel Caeser is currently in the Philippines doing things and decided to get drunk and go on IG Live.   And we know that always ends so well for celebs...


The 23-year-old had some things to get off his chest about the people who buy his show tickets and music in droves - the black community.  On a side note, the first time most people learned of his existence (or that he was the person behind that song they loved) was at last year's BET Awards.  Go figure.

Daniel made an overwhelming generalization about black folks, saying we need to stop acting like victims and stop being mean to white people.  He didn't say this about any particular person or particular situation, which would have been more acceptable since that would be his opinion.  But, generalizations about marginalized groups never bode well.  Especially not when you're sitting with non-blacks while making such critiques.

"Why are we being so mean to white people right now? Why are we allowed to be disrespectful to everyone else, but when people return it...."

He referenced having to learn how to take a joke himself after the Dave Chappelle situation when Dave called him gay during a chat with Daniel and John Mayer.


In his own LIVE video, he went on to talk about his company and how they're choosing to operate, as if they're the only ones on earth who do this.  He says he has the opportunity to put money in black people's pockets, but also puts money in white people's pockets.

Guess he wanted a cookie.

He went on to say, while reminding viewers of just how drunk he is:


"I don't think being sensitive to the point while not letting others say things around you...it doesn't help you. Ae we winning right now as a culture? Are we on top of society? We're not."

He then went on to and reminded people, "I am black a f**k." He also said people make fun of him for being dark skinned and call him "soot," but he has no interest in being a victim. "Being a victim doesn't get you paid," he said.

As for what brought on this drunken minimization of blacks having every right to express their issues with oppression, who knows. We do find it interesting his rant was about allowing others to express how they feel yet he's literally telling black people to stop saying how they feel about being treated disrespectfully systematically and on a personal level.

We really want people to understand this, since people have been dropping this V-word so nonchalantly. Playing victim is harping on something that you do have the power to change or keep away, but you choose not to. Calling out racism and times when we are hurt or stomped on by those who DO hold the power isn't being a victim.

If we ALL simply lived in the low place issues like this often makes us feel like living in, black folks wouldn't be flourishing like we are. And yes, WE ARE FLOURISHING. So miss us with that narrative.


"Cancel me, make me broke....I don't need this. I believe in what I'm saying right now...

Make me suffer for what I believe in....Call me a coon. I don't give a f--k," Daniel said.


He may just get his wish, because Twitter is lighting him up right now.

You gotta see it for yourselves.  Watch above.

In case you missed it, the "Get You" singer ditched his dreds recently and dyed them blonde:


Maybe because he's been getting awards and hanging out with Dave Chappelle and John Mayer he thought......



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Photo: Jamie Landor Thompson/Shutterstock.com

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