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Jess Hilarious Tearfully Apologizes For Her Cringey Comments Mistaking Sikhs For Muslims During Flight Debacle

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If she didn't know before, she certainly knows now. We hope. Comedian Jess Hilarious has been getting her a-- handed to her on social media.  She's being accused of being just as racist and bigoted as those who hate blacks and Christians.


Her cringey comments after a flight debacle and why folks still aren't here for her, inside.

She's made her way from being an Instagram comedian to actual acting roles on tv and stand up gigs in Vegas. Jess Hilarious, who starred on "Wild N Out" and now Lil Rel Howery's show "Rel," was catching a flight a few days ago when she decided to make a few IG videos on her large platform blasting a few turban-wearing passengers.

The 2019 BET Social Awards host remarked that she was scared for her life because of their "appearance," called them Muslims, and was quite unapologetic about it all.


Coincidentally, right after she made these videos, the plane was "evacuated". When the passengers were allowed to re-board, those four passengers weren't on. This made Jess believe she had a valid point, but folks quickly reminded her it's likely because others on her flight had equally ignorant, xenophobic and Islamophobic complaints.



Yes, she's a comedian. But assuming anyone who wears a head wrap is trying to kill passengers on a plane wasn't a laughing matter to folks. It didn't help that the passengers were not even Muslim. They were, in fact, Sikhs. Jess' apology seemed to be more of a reaction to the fact folks were dragging her instead of laughing with her. And she may not have fully grasped exactly who a Sikh is.

To be clear: Sikhs, who are people born of the Sikh religion, are born in India. They practice the religion and values founded by Guru Nanak, and just like other humans with real values, they stand by victims of hate and do not praise it.

While Sikhs wear turbans like many Muslims and also keep long flowing beards like Muslims, they are not Muslim (or even Hindu). They are, in fact, a separate people.

Late last night, after Lil Rel posted his message and social media hit a fever pitch of gathering her right on up, Jess issued this tearful apology and pledged a $15,000 donation to families of the recent hate-filled tragedy in New Zealand:


Not everybody's feeling her apology though.

Thoughts?  Are you forgiving her?


Photos: Jamie Lamor Thompson for Shutterstock.com/Jess' IG

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