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EXCLUSIVE: Karl Dargan Apologizes To Wife Lil Mo For His Cheating Wrecklessness, But Should She Believe Him?!

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Karl Dargan is sorry y'all.  He apologized to wife Lil Mo for his public cheating clownery, but should she take him back (again)?  We've got an exclusive sneak peek at their latest "Marriage Boot Camp" session inside.


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Lil Mo has been cheated on by her husband Karl more than once, and last week she explained why she feels compelled to stay.This week, though, on "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition," Karl apologized for that Facetime cheating foolishness he pulled right under Mo's nose.  Like, in the same house, same bedroom, with cameras rolling.  And he tried his damndest to claim he was talking to his sister.

During another session with the relationship counselors, Karl gives her the usual "I cheated but still want you" speech from the manual of cheating a** n***as, chapter 1.

We notice co-star Jessica Dime gave it a side eye.  Tammy Rivera co-signed the counselor telling Karl he needed to stop "doing stupid sh*t."  The exclusive sneak peek is below:


"Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" airs tomorrow night (Thursday) on WeTV.


Photos: WeTV

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