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R.Kelly Indicted On 10 Charges Of Aggravated Sexual Abuse, Turning Himself In On No-Bail Arrest + Michael Avenatti Releases Photos Allegedly Of R.Kelly In The Act

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It took over two decades, but it certainly appears R.Kelly is about to get what has been a long time coming to him.  He's been formally indicted on 10 charges of felony criminal sexual abuse, and he's set to turn himself in tomorrow. The lawyer for 6 individuals involved has also released imagery and details surrounding new video evidence.

Today, Cook County's State's Attorney Kim Fox revealed R.Kelly has been formally indicted by the Cook County grand jury on 10 charges of aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims.  And the details are just as disturbing as you would expect. 

Three victims, initials HW, JP and RL, were involved in incidents that occurred in May 1998 through January 2010. A grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for the first and three counts for the second, and two counts for the third, based on the victims being under the age of seventeen and Robert Kelly being more than five years older.

A fourth victim, initials LC, was involved in an incident that occurred February 18, 2003. The grand jury returned a charge of one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the transmission of semen by Robert Kelly on the victim's body parts for the purpose of sexual gratification, during the course of an underlying felony of attempt criminal sexual assualt.

Aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class two felony, with the sentencing range of three to seven years per count. It is also probation. So yeah, he's going to be in jail for the rest of his life if he receives guilty verdicts and max sentences on all counts

Kelly is set to surrender to police on a no-bail arrest, but is still attending a bond hearing tomorrow.


Attorney Michael Avenatti - who was retained in April of last year - is repping 6 clients involved in the charges - 2 alleged victims, 2 parents and 2 people within R.Kelly's circle during the time in question.  And he revealed allegedly damaging images that he claims are R.Kelly and an unpictured minor.:

During his press conference that just wrapped, he revealed the tape was shot in the late 90's - likely 1999 - and it's 2 separate scenes that were allegedly shot from R.Kelly's home.  Both R.Kelly and the victim say 10 separate times in the video referencing her age as 14 in the video, and it is clear in the video that it is not role play. It's an entirely different from the video from 20 years ago.

In the video, R.Kelly is allegedly seen performing oral sex on a 14-year-old girl, showing pornography to the girl that shows R.Kelly engaging in sex with another female, and also includes R.Kelly urinating on at least 1 girl.

Avenatti had a message for the enablers around R.Kelly too, i.e. the managers, publicists, and others who allegedly allowed this to go on for 25 years: He will find evidence of them allowing sexual abuse to continue in the interest of money.  He tells them they are "just as guilty" and  "it's disgusting."

Avenatti also claimed that R.Kelly's previous trial was "rigged", there was alleged obstruction of justice, and he's certain that will not be the case this time around.

You can watch the presser below:




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