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Jussie Smollett Allegedly Made 'Untreated Drug Problem' Claim To Police, Fought With Co-Stars After Bailing Out, WRITTEN OUT Last 2 'Empire' Episodes

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"Empire" star Jussie Smollett just found himself written out of the last two episodes of the season, and at war with his castmates after his arrest.  What he told police about his "drug problem" inside.

As he was giving his side of the story while under arrest yesterday Jussie made a very interesting claim, reportedly.  While at Cook County jail in Chicago, just before attending his bail hearing, Jussie dropped a bomb about his "drug problem."  We're not sure if he's going to use this as a defense in his case where he's facing felony charges for arranging a homophobic, racist attack against himself in an attempt to raise his profile allegedly because he was dissatisfied with his salary.  But, it's interesting.

TMZ reports:

Jussie told police, during his arrest, he has a drug problem ... one for which he's never been treated. That could become relevant later in the case because, as we reported, cops say Jussie bought ecstasy from Abel. IF he were convicted, a drug issue could be a mitigating factor that gets his sentenced reduced.

According to docs, Smollett also answered "no" to alcohol or mental health problems.

Just after posting bail, Jussie rushed through the mob of photogs to head straight to the "Empire" set like his lawyer said he would.  But things did NOT go well, apparently.  Heated words were exchanged with his castmates, and he left the set:

Sources on the "Empire" set tell us the cast and crew were waiting at least 30 minutes for Jussie to begin the scheduled scene. When he eventually showed his face he was very emotional, and surrounded by his family.

We're told he addressed everyone on set, saying ..."I’m sorry I’ve put you all through this and not answered any calls. I wanted to say I’m sorry and, you know me, I would never do this to any of you, you are my family. I swear to God, I did not do this.”

After that, he left the set. We're told it was obvious Jussie had been crying a lot, so producers said he would have to come back later. He did, and we're told he is currently shooting the scene.

We noticed his best friend on and off screen, Gabby Sidibe, removed her IG post saying she believed him. 

 photo JussieSmollettBondHearingHeldActorJussieHRnkHeZIvCVl_zpssbqvhxaj.jpg

We also hear his co-stars want him fired. The site revealed:

We're told many of the "Empire" actors are "f**king furious" and feel if FOX honchos don't fire Jussie, he should quit on his own ... because he doesn't deserve a spot on the hit show.

The feelings of animosity stem from the fact everyone on set had Jussie's back after the "attack," but in light of the new evidence police have laid out ... many of them feel hurt and embarrassed.

We're told almost everyone on set is worried about how Smollett's damaged the show's reputation ... and could continue to do so if he remains part of the cast.


Not everybody is mad at their middle Lyon brother co-star, though.  Some reportedly believe this is incredibly too farfetched of a story to concoct and carry out, so he must be telling the truth.


Still, there is reportedly MAD tension on set.  Jussie has even changed his number and only given his new one to those on his side, according to TMZ:

It seems Smollett is well aware of the dissension on set. TMZ broke the story ... Jussie showed up on set Thursday after the madness outside the court and apologized to everyone, but insisted he's innocent.

We're told he's changed his number because certain pissed off cast members were blowing up his phone. He's only given his new number to the people still in his corner.

Something tells us the writers may not be on his list of folks he gave his new number to, since they've written him off the last two episodes of the season saying they'd like to keep things less stressful amongst the cast and crew:



The publisher for the Smollett family cookbook he is doing with all of his siblings says they're sticking by him.  The cookbook is still a go.


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